Over-Hyping Entrepreneurship? I Am Guilty As Charged!

guy with laptop on a deck near the sea

There was a time when my first world problems consisted of hours upon hours of lengthy commuting and dead end jobs. This wasn't for just a couple of years – this was for over a decade, in fact. Now I consider it my mission to help people who are bored and unfulfilled … [Read more...]

How To Leave Your Job And Work For Yourself Online


I wasted years of my life working for other people and doing things I didn't want to do. I couldn't even remember what I did from one day to the next. Weeks and months few by. It was all so meaningless. When I look back now, nearly a decade after cubicle life, I ask myself … [Read more...]

The One Habit That Will Save You From The Hamster Wheel

man in hamster wheel

Imagine being caught on a hamster wheel of life and thinking that was all there was. Imagine you'd failed at work-related stuff and all you cared about was sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll ... and you were in your thirties. That's where I was in 2002. By "hamster wheel" I'm … [Read more...]

From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

From Wage Slave to Freelancer to Business Owner to Entrepreneur – simple, right? Speaking as someone who's feels like all of the above on any given day, I would say, no, it's not that simple. I became freelance because I didn't like working for companies. I set up … [Read more...]

How To Set Up and Organize a Meetup Group


Human beings are social animals. If you work online, it's really great to get away from the computer and meet people (we're talking real life here). Meetup.com is the world's largest website that facilitates face-to-face meetings. Amazingly, while you're reading this … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Enlightenment


I am a blogger turned businessman. I never had a grand plan nor an entrepreneurial bent. I never made any money washing cars for my neighbours nor set up a lemonade stall outside my parents’ house. Who am I? I assumed, after leaving school, I would simply get a job just … [Read more...]

Freelance Designer or Design Business?

business man

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur? This question occurred to me while talking to Alex Mathers from the RedLemonClub a site that offers advice for the freelance creative. There was a time when I called myself a "freelance graphic designer" and had that as the title … [Read more...]

How to Run a Graphic Design Business

How to Run a Graphic Design Business

We have many dreams when we were young. Some want to be rich. Some want to create great things. Some want to make a difference and do work that they enjoy. However, many of us find ourselves disillusioned by corporate structures when we start to work. If this has happened … [Read more...]

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