1. says

    Thanks for this informative blog. This is really a nice tips for designing logos with Adobe Illustrator.

    Thanks for this share.

  2. Leonard says

    I agree Illustrator is an excellent program but I cannot believe I use it everyday and missed the alignment tools! This is going to save me lots of time in the future. Thank you very much, great post.

  3. Amy says

    I agree I think Illustrator is the way to go with Logo design!

    I am struggling with a 2 color logo I designed using an old version of Illustrator. When I pull it into publisher or try to use on a web site it puts a ugly thin white border (not box) around the entire logo. Any suggestions? I have tried saving it as every file extension I can think of and it doesn’t help.

  4. says

    Hello, Amy, that could be a variety of things, if you want to send it to me at rob [at] I’ll put it into a format you can use on the web.