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Here are my favourite three blogs of people who, like me, are graphic designers and write about it on the internet. Firstly, from Romania, I really like webee design blog. Webee has really helped me out with his tips and encouragement.

Also a beautiful creative design blog by David Airey who has blogging help as well as design discussion. Lastly there is Creative Guy who has numerous mac and design tricks.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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  1. says

    Hello David,

    Thanks for stopping by. I really think your blog has loads of good stuff and looks great. I’ll be coming back soon as I’m sure there’s lots there for designers and bloggers to learn.



  2. says

    hi rob,

    thanks for the feedback! and thanks for the appreciation!
    i must say, our mail conversations helped me a lot too.

    thanks again,

    • says

      There are so many design blogs to check out. As you say David Airey’s is always worth checking but there are a host of others I have discovered since I wrote this post!

  3. says

    Hi Rob: I have found your blog, David’s, and Jacob Cass’ blog too, very very helpful. I’m applying all the things that the three of you mention (which all amount to hard work, done right) and the results are excellent.

    What I love is that since non of what makes a successful blog is a secret, all of you go out of your way to show the way. However, it’s so much work (truly) that only the very committed are going to bother to work that hard, or be able to work that hard, and also have the graphic design skills in order to make good on having done the work on a blog like this!

    Keep up the great work…


  4. says

    Hi Douglas, it’s good to be mentioned in the same breath as David Airey and Jacob Cass and I’m glad my blog has been helpful to you. I actually wrote this post ages ago and if I was to write it again I would include many, many others.

    I love to be open about the “secrets” of making a website or blog because WordPress is open source I feel I should pass on the good deed, so to speak.

    All the best!

  5. Mark says

    Hello, I think your blog is very interesting and good to see a designer with outbound links to other related industries.