7 Rules for Attending Conferences

Rules of Attending Conferences

I’ve just got back from the UK Podcasters conference 2014. Why did I go as I’m not currently podcasting? I went because I love to meet entrepreneurs, business people and content creators who do similar work to me and the UK is sadly bereft of conferences like these. I don’t like to say that these are […]

Productivity Hacks for the Lazy and Undisciplined


I am the most unfocussed, laziest entrepreneur in the whole world. No, this isn’t a self-effacing, falsely modest boast. It’s a fact. I’ve used an alarm clock on only a few occasions this year I rarely get out of bed before 10am I never spend more than 15 minutes on anything before I get distracted […]

How To Get Design Projects To Finish On Time


You may think that this article is about completing a project within a client’s deadline. But it’s not. This is about how to make sure clients don’t stall their own project. How can this be? The client wants everything to be done as soon as possible, surely? Well, no. Not if they haven’t fully thought […]

Relationships Are The Key To Online Success – Here’s How You Make Them


You will never be successful online by locking yourself away and working independently on your masterpiece. Here’s why you need to foster mutually beneficial business relationships online: you promote each other’s content you collaborate on ventures together you benefit from each other’s advice … it’s a cure for entrepreneurial loneliness The mistake most people make […]

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