DMP 001: Welcome to the Design and Marketing Podcast – Interview with Tara Roskell

Drumroll please! Yes, this (above) is my first podcast. The first of the imaginatively titled Design and Marketing Podcast.

What the first episode is about …

tara-roskellThe subject of my first interview is the very wonderful Tara Roskell. Tara is a graphic designer with many years experience who is based in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. She has been running her successful design business from home (she calls it freelancing) for many years now. Tara also runs IdeasUploaded which is a site for inventors, ideas people, artists and designers wanting to license their work or get it to market place.

In the interview we talk about:

  • how Tara got started as a designer
  • how she found clients initially
  • where she plans to take her business in the future

One of the directions Tara is taken is creating courses. Tara explains how there’s a lot of information around about design software but, alas, not so many courses on the design process.

The first of these courses Tara has done is called the Logo Design Course for Beginners. Tara stresses that the course is for complete beginners but I would say that seasoned graphic designers can learn something from her meticulous presentation of the logo designing progress.

Tara will be coming back for my third podcast to talk specifically about logo design.

An example of Tara’s character design work

The Design and Marketing Podcast is about …

The Design and Marketing Podcast will be concentrating on how graphic and web designers and others can market their business to increase and vary their income streams.

The Design and Marketing Podcast icon

As regular readers of this blog know, I set up a full time design business 6 years ago thanks, primarily, to a WordPress blog. Since then I have been learning about blogging, social media, SEO, email marketing and monetization. I’ve also been sharing my knowledge and results with the wider community. One of my special interests is passive income and this podcast will interviewing individuals who are specifically successful at maximising their passive income with effective marketing and creative design!

Where these podcasts are going …

I’m really pleased to finally get this podcast up and running. It’s another platform to explore. I’m going to try to improve the audio quality and get some better music. I’m sure my interviewing technique will improve. Oh and, by the way, I had a cold when I recorded the intro and outro for the show so that will improve as well!

My next podcast will be with Andy Sowards. You should check out his design blog as he has done so well in such a short space of time.

What you can do

Please, if you have time, listen to part or all of the podcast and let me know what you think. If you have any questions about podcasting please ask. Otherwise, I’d love to hear who you’d like me to interview. See you in the comments!

And, if you think you’d like to hear more of my podcasts, please subscribe on iTunes and you’ll be able to access them easily through iTunes without even having to come to my site!

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  1. says

    Hey Rob

    Just thought I’d drop by and say congratulations on the first Podcast. The first is always the hardest but you and Tara both nailed it.

    Keep it up, and looking forward to listening to some more in the future.

    Speak soon


    • says

      Hey Dave. Good to see you here again and thanks so much for your comment. Yes, getting stuff off the ground can be frustrating at times – especially when you expected things to happen soooo much earlier! – but it’s all worth it in the end.

      Enjoyed the podcast I did with you as well!

  2. says

    Looking forward for more podcasts Rob. I saw your blog thru one article about talking about what you do for a living and giving advise instead of passive marketing. And here you are now with a podcast. It’s only gonna grow from here. Good luck!

  3. says

    Hi Rob!

    I’m so glad to see you start a podcast, I have two now and I love them. I loved watching your first podcast because I can see all the mistakes you are making, and don’t worry, we all did that when we started out (in fact I’ve been told I still make many) but every show will get better, and it’s really the sincerity, audio quality and show content that people value over everything else – and you’ve got those three things perfect!

    Can’t wait to see more shows like this,
    Blogger Interviews Podcast

    • says

      Good to see you here, Kate, thanks for the comment! I would love to hear what mistakes I’m making! I’m a big boy, I can take it! :)

      The things I would like to improve are certainly the intro. I went to Fiverr but I didn’t like the one I got so I used the music and did my own. And I had a cold at the time! So I need to choose some more music (I don’t like the music I’m using, it sounds like a bad U2 song!) and do better intros and outros myself.

      I think the audio quality can probably improve as well. I may invest in a Blue Snowflake microphone (I like the name). By the way, I got a lot of advice from Pat Flynn’s podcast video series – amazing!

      And generally speaking the way I talk can improve – with less umming and erring and less repetition. But, I’ve been doing videos for ages and I’m still terrible at those!

  4. says

    Hi Rob – honestly I thought your audio (sound) was great. I think the intro needs refinning, but yeah, don’t worry about music, in fact I don’t even do a posh (fiver) intro either – I hate those things – time wasters. But I do an “intro” of sorts after my interview when I edit. You might want to just do your intro on the interview, but it should be something like:

    “Hi everyone, it’s Rob Cubbon here from and today I have a special gues …. from …. and we plan on discussing …. Before I go on, I want to remind everyone … (maybe a call-to-action to subscribe to your blog, or buy your latest ebook etc) and thank you … for coming today … ”

    and so on. Take another look at Pat’s intros. There are so many ways to do it, but I like to get straight into it too, but without that intro and probably a good call to action, the show can look unfinished to a new listener.

    But hey, your shows are just gonna get better and better… don’t stop.

    Make sure you have an “end goal” of your shows. Is it to get more subscribers to your blog, or maybe sell a product/service of yours – and always drop these perspective into every show, somewhere, somehow.

    Are you on iTunes?

    • says

      Good to know my inbuilt and cheap mics aren’t doing too badly!

      I really like Pat’s intros – I want to get it sounding as slick as that. Thanks for the advice. I will bear it in mind for podcast two – so be sure to tune in to see if it’s heeded!

      I will also follow your advice of having an end goal and just keeping on with the shows. Because you always get better by practicing!

      Yes, I got accepted on iTunes and other directories within hours of setting up the show! Here’s the iTunes link:

      Thanks again, Kate.

  5. says

    Yeah I will tune in, I’ve been on your email list for donkey’s years… so I look forward to your audio. Yeah, Pat’s intro is nice, I do my intro each time, with the same music in the back… But I’m always refining my podcasts too, getting things better and better. Yeah, I think mic’s are over rated – but don’t say that around Dave Jackson & Cliff R…. they are pretty keen about technical stuff like headphones, mixers etc, I just don’t think it’s necessary for bloggers, we already have a loyal crowd, providing it’s good content, consistent, and easy to listen to, you’re miles ahead of all other podcasters…

    Go to and get your podcast link for iTunes, put the button on your site everywhere… always ask people to leave reviews on iTunes (call to action), I’ll go leave one for you… it really helps with SEO.

    How are you storing your media? Libsyn? Powerpress? etc

    Libsyn will syndicate your podcasts everywhere, twitter, wordpress, iTunes – you name it. That’s what I use because I don’t want to muck around posting everywhere. Also, make sure you put it up on YouTube.


    • says

      I’ve subscribed to your shows and I’ve listened to a few now and I love the way you’re straight into it. I’d like to do the same as you – speak over myself but I’ve got to find some better music!

      Thanks for the advice for the links. I will get round to that very soon. I’m using Libsyn. And I’m putting the video of the interview on YouTube.

  6. says

    OMG, that’s great – I always wonder who has subscribed to my shows, because we never really know, we only know how many downloads…

    Re: Get free royalty-free music here:
    In return for this free stock music license, we kindly request that you credit us somewhere on your website. For example “Thank you for providing music for our production”.


    • says

      Thanks again, Kate, I’ve had a look at MusicRevolution. I always find it frustrating and time consuming looking for music. I might have to dust off my old guitar!

  7. says

    Well done you both. I enjoyed that! It came across very clear and sincere. It could have been a bit snappier, but you know, I really hate those podcasts that attempt to be over slick. Given this was your first I reckon you did a remarkable job. Thumbs up and I’m looking forward to the next!

    I use a Blue snowball (not snowflake) mic. I got it for recording some interviewers for a private works blog. I liked that you could switch the directions on so it was suited for single person use and group. It does not quite give the volume you can get from standard vocalist mics, but the quality was good (and it’s USB!)

    On that last point about sending videos – I do like to send a quick personalise screencasts for folk. Mainly because for me it quicker make and throw into Dropbox than it is to write it all. It seems to amuse if nothing else.

    • says

      Thanks David. Yes, I’ve got to find some decent music before next week!

      Snowball, snowflake – are they two different mics or did I get the name wrong?

      It was a good idea about video. But basically who knows what will be doing to communicate in a few years’ time? I’m sure video and audio will have a lot to do with it.

      • says

        I’m sure you are right about video and audio.. Snowflake and Snowball are two different mics, but I think essentially the same in different casing.

        What you are using seems fine and I used to do sound engineering so I’m quite sensitive to these things. Have tried audiojungle for music?