How To Increase Your Web Design Prices


It takes a lot of skill to successfully set up a website that loads quickly, appeals to a target market, satisfies a client's demands and looks good on all browsers across all devices. Yet many web designers habitually undercharge for website creation. I confess, I have made this mistake in the past. I remember charging £200 for my first website. Why do we make this … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Web Designer

Don't Be A Web Designer

I write a lot about my web design business on this blog. I have also two successful products called Running A Web Design Business, an e-book and a video course. But I always say that you shouldn't provide only a web design service. This is because, since I started the business in 2006, only about 50% of my income has been from web design alone. I had 4 main jobs pass … [Read more...]

Web Design Business Owner, Matt Shuey

matt shuey

The latest in my oh-so remarkable series of interviews with design business owners is a great one. OK, I know I keep saying that but this one is great, believe me. The fantastic thing about this interview was that I didn't really know Matt Shuey before I spoke to him. We were introduced via Google+ which is becoming a remarkable place to … [Read more...]

DMP 006: Starting a Web Design Business with John Romaine

john romaine

Here is my 6th show in the Design and Marketing Podcast where I speak to Aussie web designer and passive income fiend, John Romaine from BringTheDonuts. We talk a bit about John's background in the east coast of Australia as well as contributory factors that led up to his decision to quit his stable government job to run a web design business on his own. John is at … [Read more...]

DMP 005: Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

My guest for the fifth episode of the Design and Marketing podcast is the wonderfully witty Wes McDowell. (Duration: c. 45 minutes.) Wes runs a design shop in Los Angeles, California, and is known for having one of the best design podcasts on iTunes, The Deeply Graphic DesignCast. But only a few years ago Wes was freelancing in Seattle. How did he get here from there? … [Read more...]

Running A Web Design Business From Home


In order to run a successful web design business from home you need ability, dedication and a good business sense. But it's not impossible. You can do it! I've just published my second e-book Running A Web Design Business. How to run a web design business from home It's not easy to explain everything I've learned in the last few years but here are some main … [Read more...]

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