How Web Designers Can Offer Print Design Services

How Web Designers Can Offer Print Design Services

From the outside they seem as two completely different worlds: One is static, traditional, tangible. The other is mercurial, modern, temporary. And there’s a certain amount of envy from both sides. Print designers, although despairing at times with the baffling technology, are in awe of what’s achievable on the web. And web designers are covetousness […]

Changing an image to match your design’s colours

woman on beach different colors

You have a great photo. You have a great design. One problem: the photo doesn’t “go” with the design. The solution is to change the image in Photoshop to more accurately match the colour scheme of the design or, more commonly, to match the client’s or brand’s colours. In the above example the final image […]

Using Photoshop channels to create cool montages


A client of mine was illustrating an article about the World Economic Forum whose annual meeting is usually held in scenic Davos in Switzerland. My client was keen to stress the importance of interconnectivity within both the forum and the wider business community and gave me an image of connected wires of light to marry […]

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