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Knowing how to get clients will make or break many online businesses. If you are running a graphic design, web design or web development agency it is fundamentally important to get a steady stream of work from high quality clients.

eBook 3D get clients

With this in mind I have just written a comprehensive e-book on how to use the powerful free tools of blogging, internet marketing, social media and networking to get more business.

Please click this link to see the sales page for How To Get Clients.

The e-book

Here are the chapter titles of the e-book.

  • How to set up a website
  • Installing WordPress
  • WordPress themes, plugins and customization
  • What to do after installing WordPress
  • More plugins and WordPress advice
  • What to write about in your blog
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • How to get links to your website
  • How to automate and sync-up social media
  • How to create a blog post in WordPress
  • Adding images to WordPress posts
  • Offering RSS feeds and RSS email subscription
  • Creating an email list & an email newsletter
  • Making a contact page

You may recognise some of them from the free e-book I offer when you subscribe to my site but each of the chapters that are repeated give at least 50% more information than the free version and there is loads more unique information besides.

douglas bonnevilleI sent it out to a few industry experts to get their reaction and there was a great response. Douglas Bonneville said “Rob’s new eBook, How To Get Clients is simply amazing. Jam packed yet easy to read! Every single bit of good advice I could think of to tell someone either just starting out or already down the path is in there. Let me assure you that Rob covers all the essentials. If you start here and digest everything in this eBook, you’ll save a LOT of time and money. Trust me – just get this book and do what it says. You’ll be all set. You’ll see!”

There are other testimonials on the sales page.

The how and the how much?

This is the first product I have ever sold online and it has been an educational experience.

I created the e-book as an interactive PDF with InDesign and used Clickbank to handle the sales process. The e-book sells for $24.


The background

All of us have spent a few years working for someone else. Now we’re in the exciting part of taking our skills and starting a new business. The amazing thing is that everyone can do this. Not everyone realises what skills they possess.

My particular niche is graphic and web design. I had been using Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign whilst doing my work. However, I didn’t realise that I had other skills that would turn out to be just as important. These skills included writing short articles, contributing to forums and online communities, email discussion, researching on the internet, etc.

You can be the most technically gifted person in the world but if you don’t make an effort to present yourself in a marketable way you won’t make a penny while sitting at your computer at home.


Where do you start?

Start with a blog. Some people may think that a blog is too “chatty” or not professional enough but you can make a blog look like a company’s website.

You may want the home page to be a static introduction to the services you provide. You may like an About page with a thumbnail image of your face along with a short biography, emphasising your experience and aptitude.

However, your blog has to be constantly updated with the best quality content that you are able to write. Why? Because your blog pages are going to be the ones that people are going to read.

Trust me. Nobody is interested in your static pages. If you are an accountant and you put a page on the internet saying your an accountant, nobody will contact you. You have to write blog post after blog post and blow people away with your usefulness.

SEO, SM and link building are all very important but first you need to create great content. This is the first and most important rule of getting noticed on the internet and it’s not going to change anytime soon.


What to write about

Write about the skills you already have, and, most importantly, write about the skills you are already acquiring because at the “cutting edge” of what you do will get the most interest online.

The more you write, the more you learn. Creating blog posts teaches you how to create blog posts. If you read them over you learn how to write more successfully. You can see in your Google Analytics which posts are read the most. You can see from Twitter which titles interest people the most.

It won’t take you long before you are bursting with ideas for blog posts. At this stage it is important to keep the information stream steady. Don’t publish all the posts as you write them. Keep a constant rhythm to your posting. Keeping spare posts up your sleeve is a good idea you may need them when you “run dry”.

Who do you write for? Your clients? Not exactly. This is the internet. You need to garner interest from whatever quarter you can. Don’t try to write for everybody. Instead create characters in your mind of people that would be interested in your blog. Don’t worry if they’re not potential clients.

If you are a dress maker, write blog posts about making dresses. If they are good, people will link to them. A potential client will be impressed that you do this. However, if you write blog posts about how amazing you are nobody will read them.

So write about everything that concerns what you do and don’t hold anything back. This will attract traffic to your site and clients to your business.

What else is there?

The ebook has step by step instructions on how to set up WordPress and then optimize your site for search engines and visitors.

It also includes other important and essential steps such as how to get links to your site, how to leverage social media, how to use RSS to your advantage, how to set up an email subscription list, how to create a contact page, and more!

How can I get my hands on the e-book?

eBook 3D get clients

Click here to read the sales page for How To Get Clients e-book.

Tell me what you think

Here comes the most important part of this blog post and the reason I am writing this: What do you think?

Is this the right time for me to be selling my first e-book? What do you think of the title of the book, the design and the sales page?

What would make you buy or not buy this book?

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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    You opened my eye a little with the idea that most people are not interested in a static page and will prefer a blog instead, I recently developed WordPress static page as a portfolio website and I was thinking if I should add a blog section or not. As far as your book goes, interesting but don’t think I needed, from the titles it seems is something that I already know.

    • says

      Maybe I should have said that your blog pages will inevitably attract more visitors than static pages unless the static pages are being linked to a lot – of course if they are interesting, people will be interested in them. Sorry for any confusion. I would definitely advise you to blog. Fair enough that you don’t need the book. I’m glad I’ve put the chapter headings here so people can decide if it’s for them or not. :) All the best, Cristian, great to see you here again!