How To Get Clients eBook Free Chapter Download!

As regular readers of this site will know, I’m going to be publishing an eBook called How To Get Clients very soon. (Ed. Already published – click here to download full version of How To Get Clients).

The eBook will contain all the techniques I’ve used to set up and run an online company that gets clients from its website.

download button get clients free chapter

How To Get Clients – download full version.

Here is a free chapter (actually the first and last chapters) for you to download. Just click on the button above or right click and save the file to your hard disc.

I purposely made this free download as useful as possible and I really hope you get something of value from it.

What’s in the free download?

The first chapter is an introduction into the process of setting up a site, starting with keyword and competition research. There are a few tips about how to create the content that will get visitors to your site and clients beating a path to your door.

I then explain techniques for promoting that content, by automated sharing, guest posting, writing for articles sites, creating online networks, and tips on how to create mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

There is more information on basic onsite SEO as well as detailing other “must-do” activities offsite to get your company noticed online.

It would be great if you could download these two chapters and let me know what you think of them! :)

download button get clients free chapter

How To Get Clients – download full version.

As you can see, this is a direct download, you don’t need to give an email address or anything. However, it would be fantastic if you could Tweet, Facebook Like or Google +1 this post and / or tell your friends and followers about this free resource.

When will the eBook be available?

I’ll be publishing the eBook next week. (Ed. Already published – click here to download full version of How To Get Clients).

After 6 years (ahem, yes, it has been that long!) blogging, I’m going to ask for money. Not a great deal: US$14 or about £11.22 in pounds sterling. And after a few weeks (I will let you know) I’m going to put the price up to $23.

What do you think? I’d be interested, as always, in some of your great comments about the eBook idea and this free download.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

Download my 2 free e-books and 2 free MP3s on running an online business & getting clients

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two free books and two free mp3s and a list of favorite online tools


  1. says

    I’m looking forward to the publication as the books that I have purchased on this subject to date require me to find the golden nuggets in 500 plus pages, 100 pages I will have the time for.
    I received your info from a friend could you add me to your mailing list please?
    I am publishing my own book in September a small business profit enhancement guide entitled “Go Forth & Multiply” I am planning to offer a free chapter both in PDF and Audio with a discount for pre-publication purchase (of the paperback version). I would be interest to hear of any other marketing tips that you may have. The cover price of books places quite a tight budgetary limit on marketing. I don’t think we are in direct competition but equally I won’t be offended if you tell me to “Go forth & Multiply” : )

    Bob Hurn

  2. says

    Just read the new chapters, Rob, and they are fabulous. You have a knack for extracting the essence in few words, targeting the truly important issues, all while keeping it light. What I appreciate most is your consideration of the reader’s needs, and generous sharing of links and the very best advice. This is the “real deal,” no teaser stuff like, “Now order the real book.” I’m going back soon and clicking all the links!

    • says

      Hey AstroGremlin, thank you for your kind words about the free chapters. I purposely tried to make them as helpful as possible. One note about one of the links in there: OnlyWire doesn’t seem to be working at the moment – I’ll keep my eye on this one!

      • says

        You don’t have to reply to a comment you can make a new one with the form at the bottom – sorry it seems crowded around here! Thanks.

    • says

      Cheers, Andrew. I really think that’s the best format for reading on screen and when printed off. (And thanks again for telling me about the typo by email!)