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Rob CubbonHello. This is the face behind the blog. A few years ago you could find me stuck behind a computer in a soulless office block in central London. Now I run my own business helping people like you. And I love it!

Being your own boss is an incredibly liberating experience but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for what we want to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help you by ensuring a prominent, consistent, branded web presence?

I’m driven to help you experience the positive side of entrepreneurship, not the negative.

Creating an online brand and web marketing

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My company offers complete hosting, development and design packages as well as design and marketing help on an ad hoc basis. Whether it’s website creation, company identity or promotional material – head over to the contact page and we’ll chat!

Please click on the links: Web Design, Print Design, Logo Design, and Artwork for examples of my work. I have designed books, websites, brochures, HTML emails, packaging, mailshots, ads, interactive PDFs, posters, flyers, business stationery, signage, FSDUs, presentations, etc – for all sorts of different companies. My clients include Accenture, Mastercard and Boosey & Hawkes.

The blog is my way of giving back. It’s a collection of practical tips to help the designer, the marketer or anyone who needs to promote themselves or their business.

Here is a brief biography

I was born in Kent, England. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of East London in Cultural Studies and afterwards started working, doing picture research, editing, writing, photography and design for various magazines and national newspapers.

I have been a graphic designer and creative director for print and web since 1995 working in publishing, marketing and advertising design studios. I started my own company, the imaginatively titled Rob Cubbon Ltd, in 2006 to provide the best possible design and marketing services to promote products, businesses and people on the internet and beyond!

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Disclaimer: Some articles on my site contain affiliate links for recommended products or services. These are products personally reviewed by me and I will be compensated for any resulting sales.

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