How Web Designers Can Offer Print Design Services

How Web Designers Can Offer Print Design Services

From the outside they seem as two completely different worlds: One is static, traditional, tangible. The other is mercurial, modern, temporary. And there's a certain amount of envy from both sides. Print designers, although despairing at times with the baffling technology, are in awe of what's achievable on the web. And web designers are covetousness of the permanence … [Read more...]

For print designers who want to learn web design


6 years ago I was typesetting company reports, trying not to look at the clock to see how soon I could go home. Now I work from home and every time I look at the clock I marvel at how quickly time passes! I have managed to cross-over from being a print designer and artworker to running an online design and marketing business. It was difficult at first, putting my ruler and … [Read more...]

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