Why I Failed at Podcasting and How You Can Succeed

young woman listening to a podcast on earphones

Back in 2012, I was excited about a great "new" content format called – podcasting. I'd been listening to podcasts for a while and derived value and inspiration from them. It seemed a natural step for me to create my own. But, what would I do the podcast on? Everyone was … [Read more...]

Grow Your Personal Brand On These 4 Platforms

personal brand

Never count on anything. Online platforms come and go. The only thing that's constant in your life is you. That's why growing your personal brand and increasing your following is central to online success.  Google, Facebook, Twitter et al can move the goalposts at the drop … [Read more...]

DMP 005: Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

My guest for the fifth episode of the Design and Marketing podcast is the wonderfully witty Wes McDowell. (Duration: c. 45 minutes.) Wes runs a design shop in Los Angeles, California, and is known for having one of the best design podcasts on iTunes, The Deeply Graphic … [Read more...]

DMP 002: Interview with Andy Sowards

andy sowards

The second show of my Design and Marketing Podcast has an interview with Andy Sowards, a web designer and blogger from Virginia, USA. If you haven't checked out Andy's blog you really need to – it's going to be one of the top web design blogs out there. The great thing … [Read more...]

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