My Passive Income Report


Ever since 2012, I have been recording the passive income that my business has earned. Just two or three years ago I was predominantly chasing active income, in other words, working for clients and swapping hours for dollars. In two short years my passive income has surpassed my … [Read more...]

How To Make Money On Udemy

make money with udemy on a backboard with a school kid

A couple of years ago I put a few of my YouTube video tutorials on Udemy and I was amazed by the results. Fast forward two years and I'm making an average of $5000 a month passive income on this platform. That's not unusual. There are many other Udemy instructors earning … [Read more...]

Passive Income Report 2014 – How Much I’ve Earned


Happy New Year! Every three months (at the end of March, June, September and December) I report my passive income earnings. And now that we're at the end of the year, I can also look at how my business is progressing year on year. Why the image of a cat? Why not! My … [Read more...]

The Subject Matter of Successful Udemy Video Courses


Creating in-depth video courses is a great way to grow your brand and earn passive income. But what sort of courses should you create? For me, the courses I created were a logical progression of my work on this blog and on my YouTube channel. I've been asking around and … [Read more...]

Passive Income and Business Report: Q3 2014


We are now at the end of the third quarter of the year. It's time to add up all the passive income I've received in the last three months and to look ahead to see where my business is going. I publish my results (along with cat photos) every quarter and, I'm pretty sure, … [Read more...]

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