Running my Online Business from Chiang Mai, Thailand


Ten years ago I found myself travelling through a sleepy town in the tropical foothills of northern Thailand. I really loved the area. But, sadly, I'd had to return home to London to make money. Over a decade later after getting married, starting a business, buying a … [Read more...]

How I’ll Maintain My Online Business While Abroad

boat in between two islands in beautiful tropical sea in thailand

I'm leaving for Thailand soon and I'm stupidly excited. However, my childish enthusiasm is tempered by the niggling doubt of how the hell I'm going to make money while I'm there! So here are some of the tools and practices I'm going to employ to ensure the smooth … [Read more...]

DMP008: Travelling Graphic Designer Karen Mareš


This is my 8th podcast and interview with an independent graphic designer. In this episode I talk to Karen Mareš, née Karen McDade, about travelling, Photoshop, design, clients, websites and life! Click here to subscribe to my "Design and Marketing Podcast" on iTunes! … [Read more...]

DMP 004: Running Your Business On Holiday


Ever since reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss a few years ago I've been fascinated by the location independent lifestyle. It has occurred to me many times that, apart from the odd occasion I go to meet clients, I can pretty much do my job anywhere in the world. So, … [Read more...]

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