How Web Designers and WordPress Developers Can Get Clients Online


I have worked with over 200 clients who've contacted me though this site since 2006. It always amazes me how WordPress developers especially don't use WordPress to get more work. Stick with me on this one. There's a lot of good stuff here about what works NOW, even though SEO, Google and online behavior has changed so much in the last decade. Keyword research Have a … [Read more...]

DMP 002: Interview with Andy Sowards

andy sowards

The second show of my Design and Marketing Podcast has an interview with Andy Sowards, a web designer and blogger from Virginia, USA. If you haven't checked out Andy's blog you really need to – it's going to be one of the top web design blogs out there. The great thing about Andy's story is that he was working in Subway after having left college only a few years ago. Fast … [Read more...]

How Your Business Can Compete Against Asia Outsourcing


Asian economies comprise more than 4 billion people (60% of the world population) and you would have to have been living under a stone for the last 15 years not to have noticed the growing economic weight of the region. I'm glad to see the rise of emerging markets and hope it restores some much needed balance to the world. I've enjoyed the time I've spent in Asia. I've … [Read more...]

How To Get Clients e-book

How To Get Clients e-book

Knowing how to get clients will make or break many online businesses. If you are running a graphic design, web design or web development agency it is fundamentally important to get a steady stream of work from high quality clients. With this in mind I have just written a comprehensive e-book on how to use the powerful free tools of blogging, internet marketing, social … [Read more...]

How To Get Clients eBook Free Chapter Download!

How To Get Clients eBook Free Chapter Download!

As regular readers of this site will know, I'm going to be publishing an eBook called How To Get Clients very soon. (Ed. Already published – click here to download full version of How To Get Clients). The eBook will contain all the techniques I've used to set up and run an online company that gets clients from its website. How To Get Clients – download full … [Read more...]

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