I’m So Lucky!


I’m a very lucky man. I didn't alway think this. I used to fill my head with thoughts of how unlucky I was. “If only I was better looking. If only I’d been more popular at school. If only I’d been born with more innate talent.” That's embarrassing. Here's why I'm lucky: I was born in western Europe to fairly well-off parents. I have both arms and both legs. I possess … [Read more...]

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Design Business


Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of building an audience, creating an online business and making money. But is it right for your business? http://youtu.be/-BqW31K4Blc The above video is the promo video for my free course on Udemy Email Marketing: How To Build an Email List of Customers Think of an email list as a marketing tool that creates a relationship … [Read more...]

DMP008: Travelling Graphic Designer Karen Mareš


This is my 8th podcast and interview with an independent graphic designer. In this episode I talk to Karen Mareš, née Karen McDade, about travelling, Photoshop, design, clients, websites and life! Click here to subscribe to my "Design and Marketing Podcast" on iTunes! Have laptop, iMac, Cintiq; will design It's probably misleading to describe Karen as a "travelling … [Read more...]

Web Designer and Businesswoman Randa Clay

randa clay

Randa Clay is a mother of two from Texas, USA. She has clients that she’s picked up from her portfolio site RandaClay.com and sells WordPress themes at DivaThemes.com. She also runs hugely successful kids websites at FreeStuff4Kids, FunPlace Database as well as Homeschool Roundup which is about teaching your kids at home rather than sending them to school – which I think … [Read more...]

Running A Web Design Business From Home


In order to run a successful web design business from home you need ability, dedication and a good business sense. But it's not impossible. You can do it! I've just published my second e-book Running A Web Design Business. How to run a web design business from home It's not easy to explain everything I've learned in the last few years but here are some main … [Read more...]

Why You Suck at Charging Clients and What To Do About It


You haven't the slightest idea of your true worth and value to society. You're underrating yourself and you need to look at the bigger picture. As children we are told that we are worthless until we are taught properly and then we can be let out into the world. Then after education we, most likely, find ourselves working in an organisation for a very modest wage. At this … [Read more...]

My Business Plan for 2012

My Business Plan for 2012

I would like to belatedly wish you all a very Happy New Year! I had planned to publish this post earlier. Time was increasingly an issue in 2011 and it looks just as elusive now! I've been reading my post from year ago on my business plan for 2011 and it was very interesting although a bit general. However, in my business plan for 2012, I'm going to be much more specific … [Read more...]

Graphic Designers and Specialization


How much should graphic designers or design companies specialize? Should they hone their skills and expertise to a particular niche? Or should they provide a range of services for their clients? Starting out When a graphic designer first starts out as a freelancer or when a new graphic design company has just set up, the temptation is to take any work that is offered. This is … [Read more...]

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