How To Get Design Projects To Finish On Time


You may think that this article is about completing a project within a client's deadline. But it's not. This is about how to make sure clients don't stall their own project. How can this be? The client wants everything to be done as soon as possible, surely? Well, no. Not if they haven't fully thought out what they want. And this, unfortunately for the designer, is something … [Read more...]

How Web Designers and WordPress Developers Can Get Clients Online


I have worked with over 200 clients who've contacted me though this site since 2006. It always amazes me how WordPress developers especially don't use WordPress to get more work. Stick with me on this one. There's a lot of good stuff here about what works NOW, even though SEO, Google and online behavior has changed so much in the last decade. Keyword research Have a … [Read more...]

12 Powerpoint Slide Design Crimes and How To Solve Them

Powerpoint Slide Design Crimes and How To Solve Them

Although many over-sensitive designers may wince at the very mention of the words "Microsoft Powerpoint", the fact remains that many of my clients have to use it. Powerpoint is as ubiquitous as it is unpopular. Just because you are using what some consider to be an instrument of torture, doesn't mean that you can't be kind to your victims. Here are 12 of the most … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Web Designer

Don't Be A Web Designer

I write a lot about my web design business on this blog. I have also two successful products called Running A Web Design Business, an e-book and a video course. But I always say that you shouldn't provide only a web design service. This is because, since I started the business in 2006, only about 50% of my income has been from web design alone. I had 4 main jobs pass … [Read more...]

Ideas into Pixels: Designing Websites For Clients


As web designers, we are regularly engaged in one of the most challenging practices: transforming ideas into pixels. The process starts with a conversation and ends up with a website but, how do we get there? Is it always via the same route? How can we avoid some of the pitfalls? The initial conversation with the client Communication with clients is huge. … [Read more...]

Justify Your Web Design Work To Your Clients

two men talking

One of the biggest mistakes we as web designers can make is thinking that our creative work will sell itself. It’s an easy mistake to make. After all, when a client chooses me out of all of the other web designers around, I feel like they made the choice because they implicitly trust what I will do for them. They saw my work, and felt I would do a similar job for them. So why … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Web Design Prices


Web designers are, generally, afraid to raise their prices. However, a good web designer will develop a website for a client that, if regularly updated, will be a powerful marketing tool for years to come. And, that’s worth money. The client billing life-cycle Usually, if you’re billing for website design and development, you start off charging fixed rates for specific … [Read more...]

How To Be A Great Web Designer With Paul Jarvis

paul jarvis

I was absolutely sure that this Design and Marketing Podcast interview with Paul Jarvis was going to be excellent. And, I was right – don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I knew that Paul was great in interviews because I'd heard him on Blogcast FM interviewed by Srini Rao. And, if you are into podcasts like I am, I can only … [Read more...]

DMP 007: Marketing for Freelance Creatives with Alex Mathers

alex mathers

I'm really excited to welcome Alex Mathers to the Design and Marketing Podcast. Alex is a freelance illustrator who has been on my radar for many years primarily because of his excellent RedLemonClub site for freelance creatives. I joined his mailing list back in 2009 (I don't think I've been on any other list for so long) and I've benefitted from all Alex's tips for finding … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Nightmare Clients


Wait ... did someone say nightmare clients? Well, they do exist. To some they're known as "late payers", others refer to them as "time wasters", I like to call them "ex-clients". But here's our definition of a nightmare client: a client who either wastes time or money (which is, essentially, the same thing: time = money). But let's back up a little. Now that we've … [Read more...]

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