My Monthly Expenses

revenue minus costs equals profit

On this blog I publish my passive income reports every three months. I'd found great value and inspiration from other bloggers who publish earnings online – Pat Flynn springs to mind as the best example – so I thought I'd do something similar. So on 12th July 2012, I wrote my … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Enlightenment


I am a blogger turned businessman. I never had a grand plan nor an entrepreneurial bent. I never made any money washing cars for my neighbours nor set up a lemonade stall outside my parents’ house. Who am I? I assumed, after leaving school, I would simply get a job just … [Read more...]

Freelance Designer or Design Business?

business man

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur? This question occurred to me while talking to Alex Mathers from the RedLemonClub a site that offers advice for the freelance creative. There was a time when I called myself a "freelance graphic designer" and had that as the title … [Read more...]

Annual Passive Income and Business Goal Report 2013


Here is an end-of-year assessment of my "improvement" or "progress" with my passive income and business. Ever since this time last year, I've been more serious about setting goals and passive income targets and I've been sharing them here on my blog. Half way through the year, … [Read more...]

DMP 004: Running Your Business On Holiday


Ever since reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss a few years ago I've been fascinated by the location independent lifestyle. It has occurred to me many times that, apart from the odd occasion I go to meet clients, I can pretty much do my job anywhere in the world. So, … [Read more...]

Running Your Own Business & Doing Accounts


Let's just get this straight. This is not a boring article. Running your own business is sexy. Accounting is sexy. As a business owner, you'll have a more challenging life. And, you'll contribute more to the wider economy, as you will buy other goods and services for your … [Read more...]

My Passive Income and Business Report


We are three quarters through the year now. It's time to assess my passive income and business plan and time to see if I hit my targets. Targets are good for lazy cats and dreamers like me. My passive income My passive income for the first half of the year was $3331.00. I … [Read more...]

Helping People as a Business Strategy


There are many reasons to start a business. To make money. To create something. To impact people's lives. Or because working for other people may seem dull and unfulfilling. However, the reasons people stay or are successful in business may change as they progress along … [Read more...]

My 2012 Business Plan Review


At the beginning of the year I wrote my business plan for 2012 where I specified a number of goals and, as promised, here is my half-yearly review of that plan. My plans and goals for passive income ended up taking over an entire (and very popular) blog post. I also set … [Read more...]

My Passive Income So Far This Year


We are half way through 2012 now. It reminds me how quickly time flies so I'll take a step back and re-evaluate where I'm going. One of the goals I had at the beginning of the year was for passive income. I had a target of $2000 to make in the first half of this year. Did I … [Read more...]

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