Designing a Non-Fiction Kindle Book Cover

Designing a Non-Fiction Kindle Book Cover

Amazon’s Kindle store has revolutionized book publishing. Everyone’s reading on Kindles, tablets and phones and, as a result, 70,000 titles are being published every month – all competing for eyeballs in Amazon’s crowded marketplace. How do you make your book stand out? The book needs to be well positioned within the market and resonate with an […]

Should I Blog On My Home Page?

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When you first install WordPress you see a friendly “Hello World!” heading staring back at you. The default set up on WordPress is to show your latest 10 blog posts on your home page. But, is that really the best content to show on your home page? When a visitor arrives on your home page […]

Don’t Publish Your Fees


I get many questions about running a design business. The most common questions I get are: “how much should I charge for a website?” or “how much does a website cost?” I never give an exact answer. I see budding entrepreneurs getting bogged down with service lists where they want to specify exact tasks for […]

Essential Tools For Creating Video Courses That Sell

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Creating video tutorials and video courses is one of the best ways to prove and improve authority and expertise. Why? Not only are you showing people how to do something (which suggests you know how to do it yourself) but you are also being “listened to” for hours rather than minutes – and that’s powerful. Online […]

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