What’s Great About WordPress


Whether you’ve heard of WordPress or not – and I guess most of you have – it has certainly touched your life in some way. WordPress is used by nearly 1 in 5 of the top 10 million websites and powers more websites than any other software. WordPress changed my life I had nothing until […]

Why We Are All Teachers & Learners In The New World Order


In the old world you went to school and then you got a job. You may not have liked this job. But it was a job and you would do the same sort of job for the rest of your life. We all know what disrupted this old world: high-speed Internet, computing power, indebtedness of […]

My First Kindle Book Is Out – Don’t Buy It!


Have you always wanted to write a book? They say there’s a book in all of us. Not me! Don’t get me wrong, after years of blogging I quite enjoy writing. I enjoy reading – although I’m not a bookworm. But I’ve never seen myself as the impassioned author desperate to communicate his art. However, […]

How Graphic Designers Can Earn Passive Income

How Graphic Designers Can Earn Passive Income

The online business landscape seems unrecognisable from only three years ago. You can’t count on anything. For this reason, as business owners, it’s best to have a number of income streams. Increasing the number of income streams to your business can safeguard you against an unforeseen event. For example, a change in Google’s algorithm can […]

Build Your Brand – Dominate Google Results For Your Name

robert smith

I am very lucky. I am currently experiencing the universe in 2013 from a desk in London as “Rob Cubbon”. If, however, my surname was “Smith”, I wouldn’t be so lucky. In case you haven’t noticed, things are changing. We now live in a highly connected economy. 20 years ago, I may have made a […]

Don’t Be A Web Designer

Don't Be A Web Designer

I write a lot about my web design business on this blog. I have also two successful products called Running A Web Design Business, an e-book and a video course. But I always say that you shouldn’t provide only a web design service. This is because, since I started the business in 2006, only about […]

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