How To Increase Your Web Design Prices


It takes a lot of skill to successfully set up a website that loads quickly, appeals to a target market, satisfies a client’s demands and looks good on all browsers across all devices. Yet many web designers habitually undercharge for website creation. I confess, I have made this mistake in the past. I remember charging £200 […]

How Web Designers and WordPress Developers Can Get Clients Online


I have worked with over 200 clients who’ve contacted me though this site since 2006. It always amazes me how WordPress developers especially don’t use WordPress to get more work. Stick with me on this one. There’s a lot of good stuff here about what works NOW, even though SEO, Google and online behavior has changed so […]

12 Powerpoint Slide Design Crimes and How To Solve Them

Powerpoint Slide Design Crimes and How To Solve Them

Although many over-sensitive designers may wince at the very mention of the words “Microsoft Powerpoint”, the fact remains that many of my clients have to use it. Powerpoint is as ubiquitous as it is unpopular. Just because you are using what some consider to be an instrument of torture, doesn’t mean that you can’t be kind […]

Designing a Non-Fiction Kindle Book Cover

Designing a Non-Fiction Kindle Book Cover

Amazon’s Kindle store has revolutionized book publishing. Everyone’s reading on Kindles, tablets and phones and, as a result, 70,000 titles are being published every month – all competing for eyeballs in Amazon’s crowded marketplace. How do you make your book stand out? The book needs to be well positioned within the market and resonate with an […]

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