My first free e-book on self-marketing completed

I haven’t written as many posts as I would have liked on this blog in the last couple of months. The reason? I have been creating an e-book which will be used as an incentive for join my mailing list. It’s ready now!

Why did I do this?

Many reasons … I wanted to do something a bit different; to showcase my own design of an interactive PDF; to get some extra exposure. But mostly, I want to take my site to the next level.

The subject matter of the e-book is something I’m passionate about – setting up and getting noticed with a self-hosted WordPress site; SEO, social media and blogging.

Five years ago I was waking up every morning wearily to do uncreative artwork in other people’s companies. After five years of blogging, I run my own company where I am habitually involved in incredibly creative and interesting work for the most amazing and wide-ranging group of clients.

How to market yourself online free ebook pdf

The change I have seen in my own life is testimony to the power of blogging with a self hosted WordPress site. But creating a blog is one thing; developing a website which attracts regular traffic and returning visitors is quite another, and I have outlined every step I took to achieve this in the 35-page PDF.

I will write more about creating an interactive PDF and using it as an incentive for a mailing list in the blog. I created the PDF in InDesign and I used Vertical Response to sort out the list and the sign up form.

OK, so how do you get a copy?

Please follow this link below to my main sign up page where you will only have to fill in your email address (and, if you like, your first and last name).Then you will receive an email with a subscription link. After that you will receive another email which welcomes you to the list and has the link to the PDF.

I would be grateful for comments and I hope its helpful to some of you.

So, here’s the link:

download now

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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two free books and two free mp3s and a list of favorite online tools


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    I just downloaded this and it’s a great resource for anyone looking to get started promoting themselves with WordPress as a blogging platform.
    I’ll be adding a link to this in the online marketing resources section of my blog on

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    Thank you, Dexter for your words about the e-book. Could I use this comment as a testimonial for the book on the sign up page – I could put it in with a link to your site?

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    Well I was just going through the blog & what I saw was quiet interesting . Ya that was the ebook for self marketing . I just downloaded it & has not yet gone through the book but was looking at the contents. It would be a great help for anyone who wants to do self promotion.

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    Hello William, I’m glad you found something of interest in my blog here. Thanks for downloading the ebook. I hope it helps you in your online self-promotion. All the best!

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    As with your other site, this one is just as appealing. I did go ahead and get a free download of your e-book. I look to gain some help in marketing on-line. Thanks