Make Facebook Picture Quotes

If you are in a public place at the moment, look around you. Do you see people?


Do you see phones? What are they doing on their phones? Pound to a penny, they are scrolling through social media updates. That’s what people do these days. And, as Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Social media sells shit”.

This is a truth universally acknowledged: images within social media timelines will receive more attention than just text.

So whether you are a graphic designer or not, you need to be thinking about adding images to social media updates because these will get you more followers, more recognition to your brand and, ultimately, more sales (for you or your clients).

Make Facebook picture quotes without Photoshop

You have to try out this awesome free tool that will make Facebook picture quotes for you – all you need is a picture and a quote (no Photoshop).

Have a look at these YouTube videos above and below where I demonstrate this free tool. If you don’t have Photoshop there are a lot of online tools that can help you make these picture quotes in a matter of minutes. And, it’s good fun!

Facebook picture quote size

A posted image on a Facebook Page comes out at 403 x 403 pixels in size. And they stay at this size whether shared or within an update, so square is the way to go.

roosevelt quote

Feel free to make your Facebook picture quote at 500 x 500 or 600 x 600 pixels in size. Just as long as it’s square.

Remember, get credited!

So your picture quote goes viral. How will this benefit you? The answer is not a great great deal unless you put some sort of accreditation on the image.

So make sure you add your name, brand name or domain name in the corner or somewhere on the image itself.

Finding images

Choosing images from a Google image search leaves you open to potential lawsuits from greedy companies with expensive lawyers – don’t do it.

Here are the best two free stock photo sites:

Facebook picture quote background

Contrast, contrast, contrast. Always pick images with large areas of consistent color.

Whether the dark area of consistent color is light or dark it doesn’t matter. The important point is that you have a flat area of light or dark over which you can place dark or light text that can be read easily.

We want eye-catching images and easily-read quotes!

Where to get quotes

The obvious choice is Google. You can google “inspirational quotes” and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are another couple of options.

Or you could make up your own!

You can do it!

Got something to say? Spend 5 minutes making a picture quote. It will be noticed far more than a textual status update.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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    Thank Rob for the tip. I was looking for the correct size to create image for Facebook post. Because now since they changed the algorithm to show posts to the fans, we need to pay attention to every details to get the maximum engagement.

    I like Gary quote by the way!

  2. says

    Thank you Rob, i have always followed you for the past 2 years and you are always on point ever since i was in the UK. Now i have repatriated back in Zimbabwe and i have relocated with my steadily growing website design business.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in your long walk with us. I think on this post you have given me a very subtle way to market myself without imposing or getting into people’s faces on Social media. Kudos to you Rob.

    • says

      Hello Anesu, so nice to hear from you after all this time! I’m really pleased if I may have helped you in your business. Always good to pick up and learn from other people’s experiences. All the best to your future in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. I hope you’ll return to the site in the future. Cheers, Rob :)