Logo Design

A logo is the first impression people will get of a company. It needs to have longevity and scalability. It should be original and professional. And, if that wasn’t enough it, needs to look great and the client has to love it! Creating a logo is like writing poetry: a lot of people do it; very few do it well.

Having said that, have a look at a few of mine and I’ll tell you a bit about them:

Flyer Me logo

The first one (above), Flyer Me, was for a website that promoted club nights, etc. I did the obvious thing of getting a rectangle of flyer proportions into the logo. The client was quite pleased with the results.

Waterfall logo

Above is a logo for a restaurant called Waterfall. It was going to be engraved on the cutlery and crockery as well as used on menus and various other print collateral. However the company went bust!

Mikey J logo

Sometimes you get various restrictions placed on you when making a logo. For example, above, the client, MKJ, wanted the logo to be circular and in this colour.

Mobile Junkies logo

And above we have a logo for Mobile Junkies, a company that specialised in mobile phone applications. The trick was to get the “J” to look like a phone handset.

Customer Face logo

I sort of broke all the rules for the logo above and went for a symbol logo. The company’s name was Customer Face and it was produced with and without the name.

Paramount Zone logo

And here, is a very specifically e-commerce web button type logo for Paramount Zone and gifts and gadgets webstore.

Link and Talk logo

This logo for a company called Link and Talk I went for something as simple as possible. It is one of my favourites.

IMG logo

Lastly, a exporting company from China I do a lot of work for, IMG Associates. It was important for the client that the design aesthetic be clean, striking and professional.

Many of these logos come about when the client has asked me to do their website or some other design job. So the logo seems to be of secondary importance. But this is never the way I think of them. The logo is always the most important and most difficult thing a graphic designer will do for a company and should be given the attention this deserves. I am always happy to take on logo requests as it remains one of the most challenging parts of my job.