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    Hmm, I don’t know – I don’t like it.

    But who am I to say that when I am so rubbish at graphic design myself?

    The problem with following the trend is that – sometimes people do something because they can – instead of because it is needed.

    When you create something that looks impressive at first (ie for the first 3 seconds) – novelty soon vanishes and you end up with a white elephant.

    A logo should be simple. Clear. And above all scalable.

    When you add reflection you add noise. But such noise can be minimised by making a rough surface reflection say.

    But given that your article is about how-to-do a logo that way. Rather then what constitutes a good logo. The information is useful for those wanting to learn.

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    You’re absolutely right Henry, logos should be simple, something you could draw with a pen in two seconds and this “web 2.0″ design treatment is something that is here today gone tomorrow. At the behest of the client, a designer sometimes has to do these things!

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    And that is where I fail. I never listen to my clients !!

    Client: Can you make our Logo reflected now?
    Henry: No
    Client: What? Why not?
    Henry: Because I wouldn’t like to be responsible in making your website look tarty and cheap.
    Client: But my wife says she likes it
    Henry: OK let’s not go there …

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      Logo design still starts with a pencil drawing or the outline of a simple idea first. The web 2.0 effect can be added later and taken away for when the web 3.0 look comes in!