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I am about to unleash my new premium eBook onto the world. I am very excited about this as it’s something I have always wanted to do.

What’s the eBook about?

The book will contain step-by-step tutorials on how to secure work, get clients and build up your own business online. It’s over 20,000 words – more than twice the info of my free eBook.

How to get clients ebook

I explain how to set up your website in a way that looks professional, attracts traffic and gets potential customers contacting you. Here are the chapter headings – all the subjects are gone into in great detail:

  • How to set up a website
  • Installing WordPress
  • WordPress themes, plugins and customization
  • What to do after installing WordPress
  • More plugins and WordPress advice
  • What to write about in your blog
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • How to get links to your website
  • How to automate and sync-up social media
  • How to create a blog post in WordPress
  • Adding images to WordPress posts
  • Offering RSS feeds and email subscription
  • Creating an email list & an email newsletter
  • Making a contact page

This is everything I’ve learned that has enabled me to run my own successful graphic design business from home with over 100 clients – all of whom contacted me through my website.

Download full version of How To Get Clients.

What the eBook is NOT about

It’s not specifically about graphic design. It’s about the processes necessary to get clients to your business – whatever business you’re in.

Also, it’s not about cold calling clients or contacting people you don’t know in anyway. It’s about getting people to contact you.

The way you do this is through your own site. So I don’t recommend spending time on third party sites to find work such as Behance, Elance or 99Designs (especially not that last one!) It’s about putting all your energies into setting up, improving and driving traffic to your own site – everything else you do online points to that.

How much will it cost?

I will be offering the eBook to my email newsletter subscribers first for $14 for just a few weeks. After that I’ll be raising the price to $24. (I’m not 100% sure about these prices yet, I’ll be finalizing them nearer to the time).

Creating and promoting an eBook

I am creating the interactive PDF eBook in InDesign.

It’s a learning experience. Writing the eBook itself is the least taxing thing. But the world of info product selling is a totally new environment for me and I want to do everything as well as I can. I will make mistakes.

But the best thing about mistakes are the lessons they teach you. I basically taught myself web design by creating this website. I have now built scores of websites for other people and it was all down to the mistakes I made with this one!

After I’d built the website I wanted to rank highly for the term “freelance graphic designer” and then after a few months I was able to do that in Google.co.uk. It was the mistakes I made and the processes learned in SEO that made it possible for me to help my clients achieve fantastic results with search engines.

So, as I’m sure I’ll make mistakes, I’m equally sure I’ll learn something from the experience that will benefit me at a later date.

I posted the question “How to promote an eBook” in several of my favorite places for knowledge: Quora, Sitepoint, Digitalpoint, Warrior Forum and ViperChill VIP forum. Here are the various pieces of advice I’ve received…

  • Sell it through Clickbank as it will be easier to get joint venture partners
  • Offer a free chapter for download on your site a few weeks before launch
  • Mention it in blog posts and emails to your list
  • Guest post
  • Launch with a discounted price

I will be doing all of these things but I’ll also be blogging normally right through the launch as well as I believe concentrating on my core blogging activity of creating useful design and marketing content is still my most important strategy.

The most important point of this whole article!!!

What do you think? Do you think this eBook will be successful or not? How many copies do you think it will sell in the first two months?

What do you think of the title “How to get more clients”? Here are some title options:

  • How to get more clients
  • How to get clients
  • How to set up an online business
  • Internet marketing for businesses

Or can you think of any other titles that may be better? As always I’m fascinated to hear what you think in the comments below.

Download full version of How To Get Clients.

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  1. says

    Hi Rob,
    Writing a book seems like an excellent idea.
    Have you considered printing it as well as the electronic PDF copy?

    I remember I did a quick research on the matter and came across a website called Lulu that some people suggested. Take a look, maybe it’ll help you in that respect.


    Finally, All the best to you and the writing-a-book adventure :)

    • says

      Hello, Ayman, yes I’ve come across Lulu in my travels – a great service – I’ll think about it. I’ll let you know how my adventure goes. :)

  2. says

    Hey Rob, Sounds like a jam packed how-to-book! Sounds Great! For a title have you considered:
    “How to set up an online business and get more clients chasing you”? Just a thought.
    Good Luck!

    • says

      Hello Joann, it is jam packed, I just hope the size doesn’t put people off. I like your idea and I was thinking of something like that. I still haven’t made my mind up yet! :)