How to design perspective in Photoshop

perspective in Photoshop

I used this image as a title slide in a PowerPoint presentation for MasterCard, one of my clients. It was a great excuse to do a reflection and transform its perspective to make it look like the headline is actually there on the pavement.

The method I use to do perspective is much simpler that going Edit > Transform > Perspective. I prefer to do most of my transforming with the Free Transform (Cmd/Ctrl-T) function. First, however, don’t forget to rasterize that type! Right-click on the text layer in the Layers palette and choose Rasterize Type.

With this done, go Cmd/Ctrl-T for Free Transform, grab the top-middle point and pull down. Now your type is a vertically flipped. Then, with Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-Option held down, drag one of the bottom corners for the perspective (see below). And then hit Return.

perspective in Photoshop tutorial

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