Graphic designer’s picture quiz

Graphic designer's picture quiz

Something a bit different. Here’s a quiz for you. Can you tell me …

  • Where was this picture taken?
  • Of what?
  • What country’s flag is shown flying towards the centre of the picture?
  • What is the connection between the flag and the picture?

Answers as comments, please. The winner gets absolutely nothing just a whole load of kudos.

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  1. says

    while i’m really intreagued on what “kudos” is, i’m going to give you only 1 of the 3 answers you request:
    i think that is the hungarian flag.

    it might be italy’s too… but i think the italian flag has vertical stripes, isn’t it?

  2. says

    David’s playing dumb.

    Let’s make it a little easier. It’s the latter of his two suggestions and it’s located in Knightsbridge, London.

  3. says

    Maybe a little too easy. It is Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, London UK, owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, an Egyptian. I was looking north east up Brompton Road. The sun was quite strong that evening. Here’s another I took with the Egyptian flag inset. Thanks, everyone, for commenting.

    Picture Quiz answer

  4. says

    ok ok… a lot of kudos to david :)

    in my eyes, that black stripe on the flag was green :) … so… maybe next time 😉

    [is a design blog]

  5. Dave says

    of course it was, i know my sjops honey, that is soooooooooooo obvious darlings, i cant believe weebee didnt know the flags or the buliding, :)