Graphic designer’s picture quiz #3 with hidden famous faces

Graphic designer's picture quiz #3 with hidden object

How many famous faces can you spot, who are they, what’s the background they’re superimposed on?

I did this to illustrate an article I wrote commenting on the music industry. I used paths, marquees with a feather of two pixels and a brush eraser with a hardness of 0% to cut out the heads. It’s usually best to go for a layer blend mode of Hard Light or Linear Light with an opacity of 80 to 90%, or Normal with an opacity of 60 to 70%. The idea is to be able to see the layer on top and what underneath it equally to merge two images.


  1. Jay says

    50 cent, Eminem, Diddy, Nelly, Jay Z, not sure about some of the women, but I think Christina Aguilera and Rihanna?

  2. Srele says

    Mila Jovovich, Gwen Stephany, eminem, Rihanna,
    ?, Mike Tyson, Nelly, Christina Aguilera
    ?, ?, ?, Jay-Z.

    Background could be one of Chagall’s paintings.

  3. says

    It’s about time I did the answers for this picture quiz.

    The famous people are from left to right:

    Fergie (from Black Eyed Peas)
    Justin Timberlake
    50 Cent
    Gwen Stefani (top)
    Sean Combs (Diddy) (underneath Gwen)
    Eminem (top as a female)
    Akon (beneath Eminem)
    Christina Aguilera
    Rihanna (top right)
    Jay-Z (bottom right)

    Here is the image without the effects on the heads.

    famous faces hidden in King Crimson album sleeve artwork

    The background is from a work called The 12 Archetypes or The 12 Faces of Humankind, painted by Tammo De Jongh in 1967 and it appears on the album cover of King Crimson’s “In the Wake of Poseidon”. King Crimson were a 60s and 70s prog rock band from England. Here it is in all it’s glory.

    In the Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson album sleeve artwork

    So now you know!