Graphic designer’s picture quiz #2 with hidden object

Graphic designer's picture quiz #2 with hidden object

Feel free to put your answers in the comments section.

  • What is it? (OK – that’s easy)
  • Where is it?
  • Who designed it?
  • What and where is the hidden object (only one)?
  • What is the relevance of the hidden object?
  • What is the relevance of the image to this site?


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  1. says

    Hi David,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on this post!

    It is the spire of St Bride’s church in Fleet Street, central London.

    You’re very close geographically and spot on with the architect (Sir Christopher Wren – the 2nd tallest of all Wren’s churches, with only St Paul’s Cathedral itself having a higher pinnacle).

    The church, dedicated to St Bridget of Ireland, has a long and interesting history with worship perhaps dating back to the conversion of the Middle Saxons in the 7th century. It has been conjectured that, as the patron saint is Irish, it may have been founded by Celtic monks, missionaries proselytising the English.

    In the early 1500s England’s first printing press with moveable type was brought alongside St Bride’s because the literate churchmen were it’s best customers. For this reason and it’s obvious location it has been known as the journalist’s church or the printer’s church – the relevance of the image to this site :)

    The tiered spire is said to have been the inspiration for the design of modern tiered wedding cakes. The hidden object is around the bottom circular window – a wedding ring!'s_Church

    By the way, David, for some reason I’ve started a music news, comment and information site called have a look and remember imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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