6 Good Things About Breaking My Arm

So, I broke my arm a few weeks ago. OK, I know this looks like the start of a very boring article but bear with me please.

radial head fracture

How did I break my arm? This is the hard bit to answer. During my weekly T’ai Chi class I managed to trip over … my own feet. It was a bit of a freak situation and, because of its freakishness, I didn’t put my arms out properly to break my fall.

This is the result was an awkward collision with the floor which resulted in a fracture to my radius head. This wasn’t immediately apparent as the initial pain was to my wrist and, after five minutes, I was back doing the long form. But, later that evening, the elbow’s swelling and pain increased and the following morning I could hardly move it.

I couldn’t believe it, after eventually hauling myself off to my local emergency clinic, when the doctor told me I’d broken my arm. “That’ll be six weeks,” he said.

1. It made me be grateful for my health

But I could hardly complain. There were people there who’d been in road accidents and the like. There were many in much more pain than me. Later, I suddenly started to notice people on the street on crutches. And then I started to notice people in wheelchairs.

2. It made me chill out

Before breaking my arm, I was always having a go at myself about not doing enough exercise. I always struggled to find time to go to the gym or to go jogging.

But, once I’d broken my arm, I couldn’t do much exercise so I chilled out. I stopped worrying about it and consequently felt much better. Our thoughts can harm us. Wanting a healthy lifestyle can result in constant mental carping about not eating the right food and not getting the right exercise. Sometimes it’s better to eat chocolate and be happy.

3. It gave me some free time

Not having to take exercise allowed me to do other things. The absence of my weekly T’ai Chi class meant that I could go to an English-Portuguese language meet up that I’ve always wanted to check out.

I’m still crazy about Meetups, you should try them.

4. It made me grateful for other people

I know that this sounds sad, but it’s nice to have something to talk about for a change. This sounds even worse, it’s nice to have people concerned about you.

Once word got out through my family, people started checking up on me. That was nice.

And, look at this from my Facebook page. 14 comments and, er, 3 Likes!

facebook conversation

Most of the above was from people I’d never even met. Thank you, you are amazing people!

5. It made me rest my body

I’d been stretching my hips in tai chi a lot. And I’d noticed I’d developed a sore hip. So this six-week layoff has meant I’ve completely recovered in every other way.

6. It made me learn dictation software

And, finally, something that may have an effect on business. Dictation software has changed my life. I’ve been using the native Mac dictation app on System Preferences that comes with Mountain Lion.

It definitely helped me finish my first Kindle book. And I’m halfway through my second!

Break a leg!

So, I’m coming to the end of my six week recovery period and I can almost straighten it completely. I hope the lessons I’ve learned in this period don’t disappear along with the physical effects.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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  1. says

    Hi Rob,

    So sorry about your arm. I hope you recover soon. <3

    You know in the past me and Rachel used to take kenpo karate. Guess that's kinda close to Tai chi, huh!? Then later, after we achieved the yellow belt we quit.

    Anyway, now that you are using the voice, perhaps you should really rest your arm. Take care of yourself and so far you're doing pretty good with your book. I finally got it from Amazon for free. And so far, I'm trying to finish Lisa Irby's book and then I will read yours next and give you a 5-star review. So yeah my friend, please be careful next time.

    Until later,

    • says

      I hear you, Angela, we all have to take care of ourselves primarily before we start thinking about other people. It’s very easy to forget that sometimes. You take care of yourself too! Don’t work too hard and don’t worry about reading my book or leaving a review.

  2. says

    Hey Rob
    Sorry to hear about your break, that sounds pretty freaky how that happened.
    I know about that for sure, with my broken/shattered leg (37 pieces) in Feb, while skiing.
    I now look like robocop, on xray.
    All I can say is, you were lucky. My recovery will take over a year.
    But, like you it also changed my life and got me into blogging and focused on other things. And it also showed me who I wanted to be surrounded with in my life.

    On other subjects, I just got a mac, so interested to hear how much is integrated in this gem. On windows it seems you just get the basics.

    All the best man. I know how painful it can be.

    • says

      Hey Ashley, thanks for the comment. That sounds like a really life changing event you had in February. This is another reason why I felt so lucky after I broke my arm – because I would make people and talk about it and they would always tell me what happened to them and 9 times out of 10 it was 10 times worse than what I had! Humbling!

      I’m really amazed you became such a great blogger in such a short period of time – even though you were incredibly focused! Let’s keep in touch because I’m sure I can help you with Mac-related and blogging-related stuff! :) Rob

  3. says

    Hey Rob, I’m so late to the party.

    Only just reading that you broke your arm. Eek. Hope it’s all healed/healing nicely.

    Funny how it takes something significant to make us slow down, smell the roses and all that.

    Good to hear some good came out of the situation.

    M :)