Free 2013 Calendars as PDF, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files for Download!

Hello there! I want to wish you good health, good luck and happiness in 2013!

Free 2013 calendars PDFs to download

Here is a PDF of a 2013 calendar all on one page.


You may prefer to right-click and save the PDF to your computer rather than clicking on the link and have it appear in your browser window. Below are the two PDFs together.


The first one above on the left is a PDF of a 2013 calendar “at a glance” with all 12 months on one page. The second one on the right above is a 12-page PDF with a month on each page.

Free 2013 calendar on one page as Illustrator files

I created the year to a page 2013 calendar as an Illustrator file. Here you can download it as an Illustrator CS5 AI, an Illustrator 8 AI and an Illustrator 8 EPS.


All the text boxes are linked so you can use this calendar for subsequent years by moving the dates along so the month starts and finishes on the correct days.

2013 calendar with a month a page InDesign files

Here is the file I used to create the 12 page PDF in InDesign.


Again, all the text frames are linked so you can change the months by shifting along the date numbers so they start and end on the right days. If you have InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 you can use the file on the left; if you have InDesign CS4 you can use the IDML file on the right. If you have CS3 here is an INX provided by Peter Spier from the Adobe InDesign forum.


Free 2013 calendar on one page as a JPG

And, not wanting to leave out Photoshop users, here is a 300ppi RGB JPG at US paper size of the “at a glance” 2013 calendar.


This is 2MB and it isn’t editable. If you want to edit the files you’ll need to download one of the Illustrator versions.

Back story

Way back in 2009 I was trying to think of article ideas and I thought how useful a downloadable PDF of 2010 would be to many people. So I published the blog post (which also included a downloadable Illustrator file) and I was amazed at the response.

So many people came to my site, mainly from Google, to download the files and read the article. So the next year, I decided to do the same and this time offered free PDF, InDesign and Illustrator files of a 2011 calendar. I got a few good links to it and the traffic was even better.

I did the same again last year – I really know how to flog a dead horse! I’ve had 50,000 page views to the 2012 calendar page, with most of the traffic coming from Google.

Every year I publish them earlier because I can see from my Google Analytics that people start searching for the following year’s calendar around August time!

Linked text frames in Illustrator and InDesign

As I mentioned earlier, the Illustrator and InDesign versions of the 2013 calendar can be easily edited to create any other year. All the dates are linked so you can make a month start on a Tuesday rather than a Monday by just inserting one number instead of 30! Here’s a video that explains this (which I made two years ago):

Hope this helps!

I hope you find these files useful. I’m sorry I’ve put my logo on them but the marketer inside me never gives up! You are, of course, free to delete the logo and add yours.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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  1. DanZi says

    Rob, this is awesome! I learned something new with illustrator from your video and the files are useful to me quite a lot! :)

    Happy new year :)

  2. Tom says

    All your calendars have the same colour for all days in a week, why?!? Usually sundays are marked by red colour, saturdays by black … why isn´t that here?

    • says

      Anything else you would like us to do for you for free, Tom? Clean the car? Do the washing up? 😉

      You are free to download the Illustrator, InDesign and/or PDF files and change the coloring yourself, Tom.

  3. Tom says

    Dear Rob, I decided to obay your advice, it looks beter, thanks :-) BTW, I wash my car by myself…sorry…but thanks anyway 😉

    • says

      Well done, Tom. I’ll do that next year. I’d been trying to think of new ways of doing the calendars next year so I’ll do that color thing. Sorry about the washing the car joke. Thank you for taking it so well! :)

  4. Semmy David says

    Hay long time, no saying hi to you. i like your hard working, it taught me how to comp with my business bro, thank you!!!!!

  5. Penny says

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have looking online for tutorials that would show me how to make my own calendars. Your tutorial was great!