My First Kindle Book Is Out – Don’t Buy It!

Have you always wanted to write a book? They say there’s a book in all of us. Not me!

my first kindle book

Don’t get me wrong, after years of blogging I quite enjoy writing. I enjoy reading – although I’m not a bookworm. But I’ve never seen myself as the impassioned author desperate to communicate his art.

However, after seemingly spending most of this year trying to write a book, to now see it in the Kindle store is actually quite something.

After all, one of the early joys of the Internet was discovering new books and knowledge on Amazon. In fact, my first online purchase was a physical book through Amazon.

my book on amazon

What’s more, after tweeting about it, I got my first sale (thanks Rambo). That’s a 35% royalty on 99 cents. Ker-ching, I’m in the money! But I don’t want you to buy it. To see why, read on.

My motivation for writing a Kindle book

Amazon is a huge marketplace and having books in the Kindle store increases your scope. Recently I’ve spoken of the necessity to build my brand and as a way of increasing connections in the new economy.

So Kindle books open me to a new audience which could be inspired to come to this website and find more of interest here.

And being a published author, even a self-published author, carries a certain cachet.

Something that piqued my interests was an interview Chris Guthrie did with Ty Cohen on how to make $35,000+ a month on Kindle.

My Kindle strategy

And here I have to mention another blogger that really helped me on my Kindle journey: Steve Scott. It’s been great to watch Steve’s amazing achievements over the last few months and his success really inspires me.

Steve has taught me that the Kindle game is a long game. It would’ve been a mistake to put all my energies into writing a good-sized Kindle book of over 70,000 words. Instead, I’ll be releasing several shorter titles – booklets, in fact – over a period of time.

Why? Because having multiple books out there helps you get a feel for the market and the audience – what works and what doesn’t work.

I’m already over halfway through my second Kindle book which is semi-autobiographical, with the working title Confessions of a Freelance Graphic Designer.

Why I don’t want you to buy this book

Because it’s crap – only joking 😉 One of the tricks I’ve learnt from Steve is to release the book through KDP Select for free over a period of a few days. Having your book on Amazon for free opens you up to an even wider audience and attracts a few of the all-important, hopefully positive, reviews.

At the same time, I’ll email my newsletter subscribers to say “hey, you can get the book for free!” So don’t buy it now – you don’t want to spend $.99 when you can get it for nothing. :)

Finally. What’s in the book?

The book is on one of my favourite subjects: I got a great feeling liberation and rejuvenation from working for myself from home after years of working for other people in terrible offices! The book details how you can do the same by setting up a web design business. (If the book helps just one person to do this it would have been worthwhile.)

At only 10,000 words, it doesn’t tell you the complete story but I’ve tried to condense it down to the basics: software and hardware; getting clients; how to make sure you keep the good clients and avoid the bad ones; seeing yourself as a business not as a freelancer; developing systems; and looking forward to passive income in the future.

All good stuff, but there’ll be more to come.

You can do it!

You can become a published author – all you need is a computer. I wrote this book in Word. OK, I may have had some formatting issues, but creating and uploading a Kindle book is pretty easy.

If you need any help there’s plenty out there but, as always, I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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    Hi Rob,

    This is amazing! Again congratulations!

    Your second kindle book sounds interesting! Can’t wait to see that too on Amazon. You’re right. Steve Scott said about having your kindle book available free for several days then change it back to regular price. The $0.99 and $02.99 prices are the magic number he mentioned i his book.

    Anyway, will tlwk more later. Goodnight…