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Hello, this is Rob Cubbon. Do you want to be your own boss and build a profitable online business? Would you like to have clients contacting you, rather than the other way round?


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What’s in the “How to Market Yourself Online” e-book?


Over 5,000 people have already downloaded this book. Thank you! It is a 25 page PDF packed with the most important things I’ve learned about internet marketing in the last 6 years. Subjects covered include:

  • How to set up a website
  • Installing WordPress
  • What to write about in your blog
  • How to write and design a WordPress page or post
  • Getting links to your website
  • Optimizing your site for search engines
  • Inserting images into a post
  • Offering RSS feeds and email subscription
  • Making a contact page
  • Social media

The book is only concerned with doing things the right way. It is not only about how to build a great website but also about how to attract and engage visitors thus adding interest to yourself or your company.

The book describes how anyone can build a fantastic site with WordPress. You can use WordPress either as a traditional blog site or as great company site.

What’s in the “Starting An Online Business” e-book?

This new e-book contains information about setting up your own business providing services for clients.

starting-an online business

It details what you need to do to ensure a steady stream of work coming to you – and how to deal with the clients when you discuss projects.

I explain the best ways to negotiate fees plus how to become an expert in a certain field in order to command premium rates and aid your marketing with a more defined unique selling point.

Other subjects include:

  • How to work from home
  • My business story
  • How to make more money by saving money
  • How to set up your business plan and USP
  • How to handle client requests

Why should you get the e-books

I have spent 6 years writing about online self-marketing. I have also spent years and years solving business problems and reading other people’s ideas on how to fix them.

I have been employed by several companies and bloggers to oversee their online presence and marketing. I have learned a great deal from this plus I keep reading, tweaking and learning about website traffic and running an online company.

All this time I’ve been writing articles in this blog to help others with their businesses as well as to help all sorts of people use internet marketing to their advantage.

These blog articles have been read and re-read by some of the leading lights in the industry who have commented and suggested amendments. So the information is distilled down to just the useful facts you need to know. You don’t have to spend 6 years making mistakes like I did. You can dive right in there and see the results straightaway – if you don’t you can talk to me about it!

And the e-books aren’t just a collection of blog posts. I’ve re-written them so that there is substantially more in the e-books that there is here on the blog.

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