Designing with keyboard shortcuts in Quark and Creative Suite

Remember you can choose the keystrokes of InDesign to those of Quark by going Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…

The table below is for the default shortcuts.

Action Quark InDesign Illustrator Photoshop
Show/Hide guides F7 Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-; (Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-H for boxes) Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-; Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-;
Bullet point Option-8 Option-8 Option-8 Option-8
Show/Hide Invisibles Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-I Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-option-I Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-option-I n/a
Hanging indent Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-\ Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-\ n/a n/a
Auto page number Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-3 Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-N n/a n/a

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