1. Simon says

    I’ve been trying to design HTML emails in Mac for quite a while unsuccessfully.

    This really saves me a lot of time and effort..

    But, do you think there may be any version compatibility issues?

    • says

      Hello Simon, I’m sorry it’s taken me 4 years to answer your comment – I must have missed this one. There may well be version compatibility issues. This is just a quick fix way of sending HTML email. The best way to send bulk email is to use companies like Aweber, MailChimp or iContact (affiliate links).

  2. Paul Foraker says

    In Mountain Lion, the Mail Contents of This Page menu has been changed to Share / Email Page. The resulting new outgoing message in Mail pretty much destroys any formatting you’ve done and will not display fully referenced images. If you send the message to yourself and then look at the source code, you’ll see nearly a page of CSS Apple has added to replace whatever styling you did originally. In addition, it prepends the message with the source URL. In short, this feature is now useless.

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      Thanks for the update, Paul. I’m still struggling on with OS 10.6 – it was never a particularly good option for mailing HTML but it worked in a cheap and cheerful way, depending on who was receiving it. I’ll add your caveat to the article.