Client testimonials

Client: Accenture

James CollinsClient name: James Collins, Manager

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Design and produce interactive PDF newsletter and other corporate presentation and illustration jobs

Client’s comments:
“I have been very happy with the work Rob has done for us. Rob has helped us with documents that we publish for an extremely exacting clientele. He has always been professional yet friendly and a pleasure to work with. He has also been very flexible in meeting our somewhat demanding requests. Design-wise, the final product he produces is of a very high standard. I have recommended Rob to many of my colleagues and will continue to do so in the future.”

Client: American Comeback

James CollinsClient name: Jim Bickford, CEO

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
WordPress website design

Client’s comments:
“I highly recommend your graphic design and website services for anyone looking to truly stand out in our increasingly competitive and rapidly growing worldwide economy.

Why would someone from the United States use the services from someone on the other side of the globe which he has never even met face-to-face, or even spoken to over the phone? For American Comeback, you delivered everything you promised, on-time, within budget and in a very professional and easy to work with environment.

It was amazing seeing how you completed our logo design, website design and intial internet outreach, all within the span of just a few short months. I was blown away. All this was accomplished through email communications only.

Even with the eight hour difference in time zones, it became a benefit to me. I was able to use these extra hours to my advantage. I could send something late at night and wake up the next morning with a response. You worked while I slept. In summary, I am extremely happy with your services. I plan to use you as we expand our business. Also, I recommend you to all those who are serious about growing their business.”

Client: Alenea, Alenea Consulting and Alenea Recruiting

Benoît QuémarClient name: Benoît Quémar, Vice President

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Co-design and co-develop Alenea Recruiting website and various other web and print design jobs for Alenea’s clients

Client’s comments:
“I found Rob Cubbon when looking for a freelance designer to help us with some web projects and the fact that his own website was very well positioned with search engines despite the enormous competition in this field, as well as being clear and useful was a good start. At Alenea, we believe in helping people first, helping our clients do better business, sharing knowledge and being very open about everything, and it seemed that Rob had the same philosophy with his blog, which also was a plus. After a few projects in which we involved Rob since late 2007, I can say that he’s is a very talented designer, and has been very helpful to us.

“Many graphic or web designers, unfortunately, only have a talent for pure design in a “visual” way but fail to understand the purpose of their work or are not really interested in the business behind the project. As a result, they require a lot of management before being able to deliver something that’s usable – at best. Whereas Rob has shown a true interest in everything we’ve done and his suggestions have always proven that he understood the “why” of everything, coming up with effective and creative designs and ideas on his own, saving us a lot of valuable time. I am happy to recommend Rob Cubbon for any graphic or web design work in an English or international context.”

Client: Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers/Imagem Music Group

Iain HarrisClient name: Iain Harris, Marketing Executive

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
New logo design for online shop with associated advertising templates and ad artwork

Client’s comments:
“After the design company I had used for every project over the last five years closed, I suffered a terrible year of trying many different designers, with no success, until I was recommended to try Rob by a colleague. What a difference! Instead of dreading each new project and wishing that my old agency was still around, I am really enjoying working with a proper designer again. I am delighted with both the excellent results and the fast, efficient and friendly service. I only wish I had more design work I could send Rob’s way!”

Client: University College London (Union) Investment Society

Client name: Rowern Wong, Head of Special Projects

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Magazine design

Client’s comments:
“As a non-profit, student organisation, finding a competitively priced designer who could also deliver innovative and professional designs was a real challenge to us. We chanced upon Rob Cubbon’s web site one day, and, impressed by the clean and most importantly effective nature of the advertising material in his portfolio that got the point across immediately, decided to get him onboard for our magazine.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rob, who has delivered brilliantly-rendered, creative designs packaged with a courteous work ethic. Not only did he exceed expectations for the project under an extremely tight deadline, he maintained constant and reliable communication throughout which was especially important to us given the diverse range of material included in our publication, and the constant tweaks and edits we had to implement.

“If you are looking for cutting-edge designs, impeccable standards and solid dependability at a steal, Rob is the person to call.”

Client: The Gifted Practice

Lauren FarasatiClient name: Lauren Farasati, CEO

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
HTML email template, web design, development, hosting and maintenance

Client’s comments:
“We all know that the secret to keeping customers is to over-deliver. I want to thank you, Rob, for always over-delivering to me. The day I came across you in a Google search for HTML email design was a lucky day for my business. You created a gorgeous HTML email template that I could use right from my desktop. Then you redesigned my website and helped me create a blog and now my firm pops up as #1 in searches! And, finally, you offered to help me with web-hosting and, when I made this change, I got everything I was already getting, plus your incredible support for less money than I was paying. It’s rare to find the professional who delivers creativity, quality and incredible responsiveness. You over-deliver on all three, Rob.”

Client: IMG Associates

Client name: Geoffrey Lew, Founding Partner

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
All corporate forms, product catalogues and product promotional materials

Client’s comments:
“As a relatively young company in China without a website, it was critical for us to establish our level of professionalism and credibility through other means. Rob has been instrumental in helping us achieve this by making all forms of our company’s print work simply beautiful and stylish works of art. He possesses an innate ability to understand and beautifully execute the appropriate aesthetic demands of each of our many varied projects; Rob takes creative direction very well and always brings our ideas to life. We also value Rob’s dedication and tireless work ethic as he has always met our pressing deadlines, no matter how tight. Finding one creative who can cater so well to all of our design needs and demands is truly rare and exceptional.

“Like the Chinese, we are also believers of good fortune. One of ours was in discovering Rob.”

Client: Boosey & Hawkes and Hampton Wick Directory

Client name: Carol Dukes, Digital Media Consultant

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Design of logo, online banner ads, online shopping environment. Re-work of online directory interface.

Client’s comments:
“Rob is a rare find – a talented creative who is also extremely professional and 100% reliable. He follows briefs with attention and intelligence and he never misses deadlines. He’s also very adaptable and professional when working with others in the team, from marketing to IT. I’d happily recommend Rob to others and will undoubtedly be using his services again.”

Client: Sarah Youren Planning Solicitors

Sarah YourenClient name: Sarah Youren LLB, Director

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
New website design and development; brochure print design and artwork

Client’s comments:
“I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided in designing and creating my website and brochure. Your creative input was invaluable and the finished products far exceeded my expectations. I was particularly pleased with how easy you have made it for me to add content to my website through my news alerters and for all your help in choosing Live Writer as the most suitable product for me and then helping me to understand how to use it. I am not remotely IT literate but you made the whole process simple and painless. I could not be happier with the service you provided and would not hesitate to recommend your company in the future.”

Client: US Unlocked

Linda HemerikClient name: Linda Hemerik, CEO/founder

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Website re-design

Client’s comments:
“The dedication, knowledge and expertise of Robert Cubbon makes working with him a delight. I am especially impressed with his punctuality. I am very pleased with the designs he has made for US Unlocked’s website. I sincerely recommend his services!”

Client: Daniel Shearing Ltd

Daniel ShearingClient name: Daniel Shearing, Photographer

What the client employed Rob Cubbon Ltd to do:
Development of Flash gallery website

Client’s comments:
“Clear communication from project start to finish, his can-do attitude, a friendly but professional manner, his broad knowledge of design for print and web, very reasonable rates and delivery on time on budget are some of the many reasons I have worked with Rob in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

Thank you

I want to say a big, big, thank you to all my wonderful clients who responded to my request for a testimonial. I realize that many were probably very busy and took a great deal of time and effort to contribute to this so I am very grateful. Here is an article I wrote about the creation of the testimonial page.