My Essential WordPress Plug-ins and Website Tasks


WordPress works pretty well "out of the box" when you install it. However, in order to ensure a properly working WordPress website, here are some plug-ins and essential extras. WordPress plugins are bits of software that can expand the functionality of a WordPress site. … [Read more...]

Choosing The Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog

wordpress themes

Choosing a WordPress theme can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating areas of the WordPress experience. This is what you should be asking yourself when choosing a WordPress theme. What is the purpose of your website? Creating and maintaining a website is … [Read more...]

What’s Great About WordPress


Whether you've heard of WordPress or not – and I guess most of you have – it has certainly touched your life in some way. WordPress is used by nearly 1 in 5 of the top 10 million websites and powers more websites than any other software. WordPress changed my life I had … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Blog Post Formatting

wordpress blog posting

The secret of good design is to make things simple and easy. The design process starts with an idea and ends with the communication of that idea to a user or a customer. Blog posts are exactly the same – they communicate an idea to a user or a customer. Good blog post … [Read more...]

How To Install WordPress Locally Using MAMP


Any sort of WordPress development – testing themes and plugins, creating themes and plugins, etc. – can be done on your own computer. Why would you want to do this? You'll find the process much quicker and it'll stop you going crazy waiting for files to upload to the … [Read more...]

Make a Copy “Dev” WordPress Site for Redesign

live site

If you need to do a major redesign job on a WordPress site – either for a client or for yourself – it's best to copy the whole darn site and work on it in private. Once the site is copied and invisible to the rest of the world, you are free to go crazy on it. You can play … [Read more...]

Featured Images in WordPress Widgets using Genesis

featured images

The most important blogging design improvement for the last few years has been use of the featured image or thumbnail image. This small rectangle of color provides the user with an visual teaser which they can click or tap in order to find out more or read a whole … [Read more...]

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog


Even people like me who are old enough to remember the great sound of a dial-up modem (when I listen to that I still feel excited!) know that there is a need for speed on the internet. The above video on speeding up WordPress is part of a course … [Read more...]

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