How I Make $2500+ A Month From Udemy And Skillfeed

udemy and skillfeed

If you'd told me a year ago I'd be selling hundreds of products and had passive income sources paying me thousands of dollars a month, I'd have bitten your hand off to take it. Now I have it, I want more. Ain't the male ego a wonderful thing? Anyway, here's my take on how to make money teaching online. YouTube Anyone wanting to sell video courses on Udemy or Skillfeed … [Read more...]

Essential Tools For Creating Video Courses That Sell

woman with laptop

Creating video tutorials and video courses is one of the best ways to prove and improve authority and expertise. Why? Not only are you showing people how to do something (which suggests you know how to do it yourself) but you are also being "listened to" for hours rather than minutes – and that's powerful. Online teaching is one of the four platforms I've highlighted … [Read more...]

How To Start A Podcast With WordPress, Blubrry PowerPress and Libsyn


For the last few months now the blogosphere has been hot with the word "podcast". As podcasting is not as ubiquitous as video, small businesses can utilize this medium more effectively as there is less competition. If you want to start a podcast you could do no worse that to go to the podcasting expert, Pat Flynn at … [Read more...]

New YouTube Channel Art Free Download


Just when you thought you were safe to leave home without worrying about a major new social network design change ... another one happens! YouTube have just rolled out their new channel design to the masses. So, why should we care and what do we need to know about it? Well, we should care because it'll make our YouTube channels look great on all "three screens" (TV, desktop … [Read more...]

Creating a WordPress Business Website with Agency from Studiopress


I'm constantly debating with my clients and the visitors here about the nature of a business website. Do you "set it and forget it" like some business-owners would like? Can you just build it in a few minutes like an easy-build website and watch the dollars roll in? Unfortunately not. I made a few errors in setting up the widgets in this video and had to go back and … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Business To The Top Of Google

mountain summit

How do you get your website in front of as many eyeballs as possible? How do you expose your products and services to the world? The answer is, of course, to get to the top of the Google search results. Keyword research and competitor analysis Don't stop reading just because it's a boring subheading!!! This is actually very exciting, because you can find out how many … [Read more...]

Create a WordPress Theme with Genesis [Video]


I've posted a few articles recently about making a child theme in Genesis for WordPress as I "filmed" almost the entire process of a client website creation. Here I'm going to put all the videos together and run through the process from beginning to end. I start off with a mock-up of the home page (and sometimes one other page) of how the client and I want the site to … [Read more...]

Create Interactive PDF with InDesign

pdf icon on ipad

I'm often asked how to create an interactive PDF with InDesign with internal links so that you can, for example, click on a chapter title in the contents page and immediately get the PDF to jump to that page. How to create an interactive PDF with internal links video So I've made a video to show how to create hyperlink destinations within the InDesign document and … [Read more...]

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