Why We Are All Teachers & Learners In The New World Order


In the old world you went to school and then you got a job. You may not have liked this job. But it was a job and you would do the same sort of job for the rest of your life. We all know what disrupted this old world: high-speed Internet, computing power, indebtedness of […]

Build Your Brand – Dominate Google Results For Your Name

robert smith

I am very lucky. I am currently experiencing the universe in 2013 from a desk in London as “Rob Cubbon”. If, however, my surname was “Smith”, I wouldn’t be so lucky. In case you haven’t noticed, things are changing. We now live in a highly connected economy. 20 years ago, I may have made a […]

Branding Yourself Online

times square

If you wish to emerge as a thought leader or the go-to person in your niche you need a consistently branded visual image across the web. More people will trust you if you use the same profile image, colors, logo and branding whenever they see you on the internet. It shows you care enough to […]

DMP009: From 10 Visits-a-Day to 2000 Visits-a-Day in One Year with Louise Myers

From 10 Visits-a-Day to 2000 Visits-a-Day in One Year with Louise Myers

I have been pestering my latest victim interviewee for the Design and Marketing Podcast (subscribe or leave a review, folks) for weeks and weeks before she gave in! Louise Myers is a fantastic example of a designer who has never stopped learning. You have to listen to this interview because there is so much to […]

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