What I Learned In 2013

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At the risk of sounding like Ebenezer Scrooge, I don't like this time of year. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a break with friends and family but, here in the UK, it seems like the world shuts down for two weeks. And I can't wait to get going. Time to reflect. I … [Read more...]

Make Facebook Picture Quotes

Picture Quotes

If you are in a public place at the moment, look around you. Do you see people? Do you see phones? What are they doing on their phones? Pound to a penny, they are scrolling through social media updates. That's what people do these days. And, as Gary Vaynerchuk says, … [Read more...]

Bulk Schedule Multiple Tweets with Hootsuite and a CSV

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I would always prefer spending time creating content than being on social media. I view it as a necessary evil – it's great for connections and knowledge but you don't want to get sucked in to the cat pictures. I'm staggered to find that I've been on Twitter for four and a … [Read more...]

Branding Yourself Online

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If you wish to emerge as a thought leader or the go-to person in your niche you need a consistently branded visual image across the web. More people will trust you if you use the same profile image, colors, logo and branding whenever they see you on the internet. It shows … [Read more...]

New YouTube Channel Art Free Download


Just when you thought you were safe to leave home without worrying about a major new social network design change ... another one happens! YouTube have just rolled out their new channel design to the masses. So, why should we care and what do we need to know about it? Well, we … [Read more...]

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