Making Decisions is Easy

decision between two courses of action

I've been really crap recently. I've been having problems creating my membership site. I've been moaning about it for months. I procrastinate. I prioritize other projects. I ask the opinions of my friends and online community. I get a lot useful opinions – unfortunately, all different. The reality of decision making In reality, decision making doesn't actually … [Read more...]

Productivity Hacks for the Lazy and Undisciplined

lazy cat

I am the most unfocussed, laziest entrepreneur in the whole world. No, this isn't a self-effacing, falsely modest boast. It's a fact. I've used an alarm clock on only a few occasions this year I rarely get out of bed before 10am I never spend more than 15 minutes on anything before I get distracted I never plan out my days – I've no idea what I'm doing from one day … [Read more...]

Goal Setting, Affirmations and Metaphors for Beginners

lady smiling

I can feel the sun on my back. The sea breeze gently takes the edge off the heat. I can hear the waves crashing on the nearby beach. I'm relaxed, happy and focused. The table in front of me has a laptop on it, along with plates of exotic food, fruit juices and coffee. Sitting around the table with me are a group of amazing people of mixed ages, genders, races and … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up


It should have been a good week. After months of depressing wet and cold weather and short days, London has suddenly blossomed into spring. I have a lot of plans that are coming to fruition – video courses and Kindle books I've been working on are nearing completion. I love this bit! Well, I usually do. But this time there are issues. There are technical difficulties and … [Read more...]

Essential Tools For Creating Video Courses That Sell

woman with laptop

Creating video tutorials and video courses is one of the best ways to prove and improve authority and expertise. Why? Not only are you showing people how to do something (which suggests you know how to do it yourself) but you are also being "listened to" for hours rather than minutes – and that's powerful. Online teaching is one of the four platforms I've highlighted … [Read more...]

What I Learned In 2013

thank you

At the risk of sounding like Ebenezer Scrooge, I don't like this time of year. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a break with friends and family but, here in the UK, it seems like the world shuts down for two weeks. And I can't wait to get going. Time to reflect. I feel that 2013 was a pivotal year for me. 2013 was the year when I lost nearly half of my traffic, … [Read more...]

6 Good Things About Breaking My Arm


So, I broke my arm a few weeks ago. OK, I know this looks like the start of a very boring article but bear with me please. How did I break my arm? This is the hard bit to answer. During my weekly T'ai Chi class I managed to trip over ... my own feet. It was a bit of a freak situation and, because of its freakishness, I didn't put my arms out properly to break my … [Read more...]

Why We Are All Teachers & Learners In The New World Order


In the old world you went to school and then you got a job. You may not have liked this job. But it was a job and you would do the same sort of job for the rest of your life. We all know what disrupted this old world: high-speed Internet, computing power, indebtedness of Western nations and the rise of developing nations. The certainties and structures of education, … [Read more...]

I’m So Lucky!


I’m a very lucky man. I didn't alway think this. I used to fill my head with thoughts of how unlucky I was. “If only I was better looking. If only I’d been more popular at school. If only I’d been born with more innate talent.” That's embarrassing. Here's why I'm lucky: I was born in western Europe to fairly well-off parents. I have both arms and both legs. I possess … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Enlightenment


I am a blogger turned businessman. I never had a grand plan nor an entrepreneurial bent. I never made any money washing cars for my neighbours nor set up a lemonade stall outside my parents’ house. Who am I? I assumed, after leaving school, I would simply get a job just like everyone else (if the rock ‘n’ roll career didn’t take off – which it didn’t). And then a … [Read more...]

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