How To Leave Your Job And Work For Yourself Online


I wasted years of my life working for other people and doing things I didn't want to do. I couldn't even remember what I did from one day to the next. Weeks and months few by. It was all so meaningless. When I look back now, nearly a decade after cubicle life, I ask myself … [Read more...]

What I Would Say To My 30 Year Old Self


Who cares about "what they'd say to their 18 year old self" articles? 18 year olds don't. They're too busy navigating the extremes. Personally, my hardest crisis was in my early 30s. For some, it can be a comfortable period where the youthful extremes level out as families … [Read more...]

Running my Online Business from Chiang Mai, Thailand


Ten years ago I found myself travelling through a sleepy town in the tropical foothills of northern Thailand. I really loved the area. But, sadly, I'd had to return home to London to make money. Over a decade later after getting married, starting a business, buying a … [Read more...]

Making Decisions is Easy

decision between two courses of action

I've been really crap recently. I've been having problems creating my membership site. I've been moaning about it for months. I procrastinate. I prioritize other projects. I ask the opinions of my friends and online community. I get a lot useful opinions – … [Read more...]

Productivity Hacks for the Lazy and Undisciplined

lazy cat

I am the most unfocussed, laziest entrepreneur in the whole world. No, this isn't a self-effacing, falsely modest boast. It's a fact. I've used an alarm clock on only a few occasions this year I rarely get out of bed before 10am I never spend more than 15 minutes on … [Read more...]

Goal Setting, Affirmations and Metaphors for Beginners

lady smiling

I can feel the sun on my back. The sea breeze gently takes the edge off the heat. I can hear the waves crashing on the nearby beach. I'm relaxed, happy and focused. The table in front of me has a laptop on it, along with plates of exotic food, fruit juices and coffee. … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up


It should have been a good week. After months of depressing wet and cold weather and short days, London has suddenly blossomed into spring. I have a lot of plans that are coming to fruition – video courses and Kindle books I've been working on are nearing completion. I … [Read more...]

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