How to make PowerPoint presentations and Word documents look beautiful


If your client hands you a .PPT from MS PowerPoint or and .DOC Word and says: "The presentation/print deadline is tomorrow, make this look nice", what are you going to do? The answer is to use other programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, Premiere or Keynote and get creative! Here are a few tips I've picked up over the years of doing this. Make sure … [Read more...]

Designing tables with a hanging bracket


It's the joyous season of the dreaded companies' annual report and accounts where artworkers and printers try to make money by producing horribly boring documents full of endless tables with horrendously dull titles like "Intangible Assets". But, do you know the trick of how to get columns of figures to line up, as the accountants like, with the bracketed figures (negative … [Read more...]

Quark contacts this website!


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short article entitled Things I love about designing in InDesign that I couldn’t do in Quark which, I’m afraid to say included a couple of mistakes. Then I got an email from Quark Inc.! Matthias Guenther, a Senior Product Manager at Quark’s offices in Hamburg, Germany contacted me. I couldn’t believe it! I was initially reluctant to talk to … [Read more...]

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