Why I Failed at Podcasting and How You Can Succeed

young woman listening to a podcast on earphones

Back in 2012, I was excited about a great "new" content format called – podcasting. I'd been listening to podcasts for a while and derived value and inspiration from them. It seemed a natural step for me to create my own. But, what would I do the podcast on? Everyone was … [Read more...]

Growing and Selling Websites with Jon Phillips

jon phillips

The next guest in my series of interviews for the Design and Marketing Podcast (please subscribe and/or leave a review) is Jon Phillips. http://youtu.be/ksXa6_IINv8 These interviews are mainly of designers who run their own businesses. While Jon may not spend all his time … [Read more...]

How To Be A Great Web Designer With Paul Jarvis

paul jarvis

I was absolutely sure that this Design and Marketing Podcast interview with Paul Jarvis was going to be excellent. And, I was right – don't you just love it when a plan comes together? http://youtu.be/B1EqcGHbFkU I knew that Paul was great in interviews because I'd heard … [Read more...]

Web Design Business Owner, Matt Shuey

matt shuey

The latest in my oh-so remarkable series of interviews with design business owners is a great one. OK, I know I keep saying that but this one is great, believe me. http://youtu.be/1H6N22DHVyE The fantastic thing about this interview was that I didn't really know Matt Shuey … [Read more...]

DMP008: Travelling Graphic Designer Karen Mareš


This is my 8th podcast and interview with an independent graphic designer. In this episode I talk to Karen Mareš, née Karen McDade, about travelling, Photoshop, design, clients, websites and life! Click here to subscribe to my "Design and Marketing Podcast" on iTunes! … [Read more...]

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