Growing and Selling Websites with Jon Phillips

jon phillips

The next guest in my series of interviews for the Design and Marketing Podcast (please subscribe and/or leave a review) is Jon Phillips. These interviews are mainly of designers who run their own businesses. While Jon may not spend all his time running a business now (and we'll get onto that later) he certainly fits into this group very … [Read more...]

How To Be A Great Web Designer With Paul Jarvis

paul jarvis

I was absolutely sure that this Design and Marketing Podcast interview with Paul Jarvis was going to be excellent. And, I was right – don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I knew that Paul was great in interviews because I'd heard him on Blogcast FM interviewed by Srini Rao. And, if you are into podcasts like I am, I can only … [Read more...]

Using Social Media to Find a Job with Illustrator David Cousens

Using Social Media to Find a Job with Illustrator David Cousens One of the very many benefits of interviewing various creative business people for the Design and Marketing podcast is that it takes me away from my small world. During the last few years on this website I have mostly written about what works for me. When I was starting out online in 2006-2008 I basically wrote any old rubbish blog post and I … [Read more...]

Web Design Business Owner, Matt Shuey

matt shuey

The latest in my oh-so remarkable series of interviews with design business owners is a great one. OK, I know I keep saying that but this one is great, believe me. The fantastic thing about this interview was that I didn't really know Matt Shuey before I spoke to him. We were introduced via Google+ which is becoming a remarkable place to … [Read more...]

How To Start A Podcast With WordPress, Blubrry PowerPress and Libsyn


For the last few months now the blogosphere has been hot with the word "podcast". As podcasting is not as ubiquitous as video, small businesses can utilize this medium more effectively as there is less competition. If you want to start a podcast you could do no worse that to go to the podcasting expert, Pat Flynn at … [Read more...]

DMP008: Travelling Graphic Designer Karen Mareš


This is my 8th podcast and interview with an independent graphic designer. In this episode I talk to Karen Mareš, née Karen McDade, about travelling, Photoshop, design, clients, websites and life! Click here to subscribe to my "Design and Marketing Podcast" on iTunes! Have laptop, iMac, Cintiq; will design It's probably misleading to describe Karen as a "travelling … [Read more...]

DMP 007: Marketing for Freelance Creatives with Alex Mathers

alex mathers

I'm really excited to welcome Alex Mathers to the Design and Marketing Podcast. Alex is a freelance illustrator who has been on my radar for many years primarily because of his excellent RedLemonClub site for freelance creatives. I joined his mailing list back in 2009 (I don't think I've been on any other list for so long) and I've benefitted from all Alex's tips for finding … [Read more...]

DMP 006: Starting a Web Design Business with John Romaine

john romaine

Here is my 6th show in the Design and Marketing Podcast where I speak to Aussie web designer and passive income fiend, John Romaine from BringTheDonuts. We talk a bit about John's background in the east coast of Australia as well as contributory factors that led up to his decision to quit his stable government job to run a web design business on his own. John is at … [Read more...]

DMP 005: Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

Running a Design Business with Wes McDowell

My guest for the fifth episode of the Design and Marketing podcast is the wonderfully witty Wes McDowell. (Duration: c. 45 minutes.) Wes runs a design shop in Los Angeles, California, and is known for having one of the best design podcasts on iTunes, The Deeply Graphic DesignCast. But only a few years ago Wes was freelancing in Seattle. How did he get here from there? … [Read more...]

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