Free Download: 2014 Calendar in PDF, Illustrator (AI), InDesign (INDD) Format


It’s never too early to plan ahead! I’d like to wish whoever’s reading this all health, luck and happiness for the coming year, 2014. And, as a token of my appreciation, dear website visitor, I’d like to offer you a gift of free 2014 calendars in PDF to download, plus the files that created them […]

Free 2013 Calendars as PDF, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files for Download!


Hello there! I want to wish you good health, good luck and happiness in 2013! Free 2013 calendars PDFs to download Here is a PDF of a 2013 calendar all on one page. You may prefer to right-click and save the PDF to your computer rather than clicking on the link and have it appear […]

Free 2012 Calendars to Download as PDF, Illustrator and InDesign Files


Giving away free gifts is excellent marketing. It fosters loyalty and brand recognition. I’m giving away free 2012 calendars as PDFs. I’m also making available the InDesign and Illustrator files that were used to create the PDFs, so you can create and brand your own calendars and do the same thing, if you so wish! […]

Free 2011 Calendars to download in PDF, InDesign and Illustrator formats!

Download Free 2011 Calendars!

Here’s a present for my visitors and subscribers as a BIG “thank you” for all the support and encouragement I’ve received over the year! Every year I send Christmas cards to all my clients with a calendar of the next year on the back. Putting something useful like a calendar on the back of a […]

How to make an on-screen PDF


I regularly make PDFs for clients that are designed primarily to be viewed on-screen. Of course, the person viewing the PDF may choose to print it out on a desktop printer or other device and this should be taken into account. And with everything there is a right way and a wrong way, so here […]

Environmentally-friendly designing and marketing during a recession


I’ve noticed a trend emerge recently. A client of mine got me to design an invitation to a marketing event – cocktails at a new store – I sent him a beautifully designed invite in the form or a PDF and asked him how many he needed printed and he said: “Oh, there’s no need, […]

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