Passive Income and Business Report – End of Year Special


Happy New Year! Every three months I do a passive income and business report. This one is really special because I now have data stretching back two years. And I’ll look ahead and make some new years resolutions My passive income Passive income is income you can earn in your sleep – not like swapping […]

How Graphic Designers Can Earn Passive Income

How Graphic Designers Can Earn Passive Income

The online business landscape seems unrecognisable from only three years ago. You can’t count on anything. For this reason, as business owners, it’s best to have a number of income streams. Increasing the number of income streams to your business can safeguard you against an unforeseen event. For example, a change in Google’s algorithm can […]

How I Made $1421.20 On Udemy This Week


I’m a huge fan of the online learning platform Udemy. However, this article was written because they massively decrease instructor commissions. It is possible to make money from Udemy (I still make over $1000 passively every month) but please factor in a 30-40% reduction of profit into the following. My main Udemy strategy is to […]

Sell Courses Online With Udemy


There’s never been a better time to become an online instructor. Udemy is the online learning platform. If you are any sort of blogger, online teacher or YouTuber, you should consider Udemy. Udemy (Academy of You, geddit?) is a great way to publicise your personal brand – and you can also make money there. The […]

My Rules of Product Creation


Everything I’ve done online (apart from what I’ve actually created) has been the result of great advice. I wouldn’t have developed the social media presence, built the email list nor created the e-books when I did if I’d not read about these ideas on a blog first. I have read a lot about product creation. […]

Selling Products from a Design Blog with Douglas Bonneville


Douglas Bonneville is a graphic designer based near Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Douglas has made his living by creating designs for clients but also earns a great deal passively from a two products he’s created. Douglas’s story is one of finding a lucrative and non-competitive subject through blogging and creating products and selling them. How […]

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