Updating to HTML5 with Schema Support on Genesis 2.0

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Calls to move to HTML5 are increasingly hard to ignore. And, if you're on the Studiopress platform, their recent upgrade to Genesis 2.0 provides a compelling motive to make the switch. Benefits of HTML5 First let's run through all the usual advantages to upgrade to the most recent version of the language that marks up web pages: is more future proof has several … [Read more...]

Featured Images in WordPress Widgets using Genesis

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The most important blogging design improvement for the last few years has been use of the featured image or thumbnail image. This small rectangle of color provides the user with an visual teaser which they can click or tap in order to find out more or read a whole article. More and more WordPress themes give you options to use featured images on your archive pages. … [Read more...]

Creating a WordPress Business Website with Agency from Studiopress


I'm constantly debating with my clients and the visitors here about the nature of a business website. Do you "set it and forget it" like some business-owners would like? Can you just build it in a few minutes like an easy-build website and watch the dollars roll in? Unfortunately not. I made a few errors in setting up the widgets in this video and had to go back and … [Read more...]

Create a Responsive WordPress Site with Streamline on Genesis

responsive design

It is becoming more and more of a necessity to have a website that is responsive to smart phones and tablets. Here I'm going to explain about how I created the theme of RobCubbon.com using Streamline on the Genesis framework. The Genesis framework costs $60 and the Streamline theme costs $25 (you can get both at the same time for $80). If you purchase the theme through … [Read more...]

Create a WordPress Theme with Genesis [Video]


I've posted a few articles recently about making a child theme in Genesis for WordPress as I "filmed" almost the entire process of a client website creation. Here I'm going to put all the videos together and run through the process from beginning to end. I start off with a mock-up of the home page (and sometimes one other page) of how the client and I want the site to … [Read more...]

Creating a Custom Page Template for Genesis

Creating a Custom Page Template for Genesis

One of the ways WordPress can be made to act like an all-singing, all-dancing CMS is with custom page templates. These give you the ability to make any page on your website look and/or function differently to all the others. Here I'd like to explain how you make a custom page template for Genesis. Genesis is a premium theme framework for WordPress which I now use to build … [Read more...]

Creating & Styling Sidebar Widgets in WordPress


The first time I saw WordPress widgets I thought "what on earth are these useless pieces of dog's do?" Now I think that widgets are awesome website building devices that should have pride of place in any website designer's toolbox. What are WordPress widgets? WordPress widgets are self contained bits of website code that can be applied to a widgetized area via an easy-to-use … [Read more...]

Creating Header and Navigation Menu in WordPress


Every WordPress site is different. This is because everybody chooses a different theme or "look and feel" for their site. Creating a header and top navigation menu in WordPress will be a slightly different process for each site. Here I am using the Genesis theme framework for WordPress because I absolutely love it. However, there will be important points in this article that … [Read more...]

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