Graphic designer’s picture quiz #3 with hidden famous faces


How many famous faces can you spot, who are they, what’s the background they’re superimposed on? I did this to illustrate an article I wrote commenting on the music industry. I used paths, marquees with a feather of two pixels and a brush eraser with a hardness of 0% to cut out the heads. It’s […]

Graphic designer’s picture quiz #2 with hidden object


Feel free to put your answers in the comments section. What is it? (OK – that’s easy) Where is it? Who designed it? What and where is the hidden object (only one)? What is the relevance of the hidden object? What is the relevance of the image to this site? Easy?

Graphic designer’s picture quiz


Something a bit different. Here’s a quiz for you. Can you tell me … Where was this picture taken? Of what? What country’s flag is shown flying towards the centre of the picture? What is the connection between the flag and the picture? Answers as comments, please. The winner gets absolutely nothing just a whole […]

Mac Games: Fairies, Jewel Quest and Ouba

These games involve a multi-object grid and moving rows and columns or swopping objects until you match up three in a row. (I don’t know if there is a special name for this type of casual game!) By far the best and most beautiful of this genre is Fairies. It has extremely high production values, […]

Hidden object mac games

Using Flash and Photoshop to create beautiful scenes, hidden object games are an ideal distraction for relaxed gamers. Here are four I got from Big Fish Games at $20 a go. Three of them are in the Mystery Case Files series: Huntsville, Prime Suspects and Ravenhearst. Ravenhearst is definitely the best. Set in a Victorian […]

Public art near Tate Britain


Not only can you see art for free at Tate Britain, you can also get some just down the road. On the left you can see Locking Piece (1963) by Henry Moore on Millbank right by the river between Vauxhall bridge and Tate Britain. And on the other side of the road there’s Jeté by […]

Gamehouse games


As a Mac user I am limited in the number of games I can download. Recently, I’ve been getting them from Gamehouse usually at $20 a game! The first three, Tumblebugs, Zuma and Luxor have the same addictive but stressful gameplay – shooting coloured balls making matches of three or more to destroy them. The […]

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