5 Great Ways To Collect Email Addresses You Probably Didn’t Know


I realise the power of an email list more and more every year I spend online. You've heard this question on numerous podcasts: "what would you do differently if you were starting out today?" And, 99 times out of 100, the answer is: "I wish I started collecting email addresses earlier". The more email addresses you collect, the more sales you make, the more your business … [Read more...]

Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media Everytime

Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media Everytime

Online business is all about relationships and trying to get those relationships to be as close as possible in order to increase traction. However, many people are making a big mistake by putting too much effort into social media. Running a business means wearing many hats. You are an administrator, marketer, sales person and accountant ... the list goes on. We're all … [Read more...]

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Design Business


Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of building an audience, creating an online business and making money. But is it right for your business? http://youtu.be/-BqW31K4Blc The above video is the promo video for my free course on Udemy Email Marketing: How To Build an Email List of Customers Think of an email list as a marketing tool that creates a relationship … [Read more...]

Send Blog Broadcast Emails with AWeber to Create a Newsletter


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of building an audience, creating an online business and making money. http://youtu.be/uQRbwPzo7xs If you need any persuading about the importance of email marketing, heres what marketing expert, Glen Allsopp from Viperchill says: "Email subscribers are more likely to buy your products than any other type of … [Read more...]

Adding AWeber Sign-up Form to WordPress with E-book Incentive


After having such a positive response from my article about MailChimp Sidebar Widgets I thought I'd write another article about putting an AWeber form on a WordPress site with an e-book as an incentive. Why do this? Why email? Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools. It's personalised, targeted and cheap. Why AWeber? AWeber is one of the best email … [Read more...]

Emailing Blog Posts with a MailChimp RSS Campaign


No internet marketing strategy is complete without email campaigns. Sending regular branded emails to a subscriber with top quality content will build recognition and loyalty like almost nothing else online. A great way to do this is with AWeber. But you can do it for free with with MailChimp if you have less than 2,000 subscribers. It is possible to sign up with … [Read more...]

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