My Monthly Expenses

revenue minus costs equals profit

On this blog I publish my passive income reports every three months. I'd found great value and inspiration from other bloggers who publish earnings online – Pat Flynn springs to mind as the best example – so I thought I'd do something similar. So on 12th July 2012, I wrote my … [Read more...]

How I’ll Maintain My Online Business While Abroad

boat in between two islands in beautiful tropical sea in thailand

I'm leaving for Thailand soon and I'm stupidly excited. However, my childish enthusiasm is tempered by the niggling doubt of how the hell I'm going to make money while I'm there! So here are some of the tools and practices I'm going to employ to ensure the smooth … [Read more...]

My Failed Membership Site Launch – Lessons Learned

Running an online business is fun. But some days you feel like you're drowning. Just when you think you know something, that's when life will slap you in the face and show that you, in fact, know nothing. What is my membership site? I spent months and over $600 … [Read more...]

Making Decisions is Easy

decision between two courses of action

I've been really crap recently. I've been having problems creating my membership site. I've been moaning about it for months. I procrastinate. I prioritize other projects. I ask the opinions of my friends and online community. I get a lot useful opinions – … [Read more...]

7 Rules for Attending Conferences


I've just got back from the UK Podcasters conference 2014. Why did I go as I'm not currently podcasting? I went because I love to meet entrepreneurs, business people and content creators who do similar work to me and the UK is sadly bereft of conferences like these. I … [Read more...]

Passive Online Income and Business Report – Q2 2014

Passive Online Income and Business Report – Q2 2014

We're at the mid-way point of the year. The days are getting shorter. Summer turns to winter. Time to see what I've done and where I'm going. If you haven't been here before, welcome to the second of my three-monthly online passive income and business reports of 2014. Why is … [Read more...]

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