The Best Writing Tip You’ve Never Heard


When I was 16, I was a gangly teen who thought he'd grow up to be a world-famous rock star. Too bad I never even grew up. I used to play in local bands in the pubs near where I lived. I met a kid from a group that played covers by The Who and The Jam. It would be a stretch of the imagination to say we were both songwriters but let's say we both "made up" the "songs" our … [Read more...]

Blogging Isn’t Enough: We Have To Create “Intimate” Content


When I started blogging in the summer of 2005, I wrote a few rubbish posts and gave up. And then, one year later, I looked at my visitor stats and saw that people were reading my rubbish posts, I was astounded. Not being completely stupid, I continued. I soon had hundreds of visitors a day and was receiving multiple requests for work. However, the situation is … [Read more...]

The One Habit That Will Save You From The Hamster Wheel

man in hamster wheel

Imagine being caught on a hamster wheel of life and thinking that was all there was. Imagine you'd failed at work-related stuff and all you cared about was sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll ... and you were in your thirties. That's where I was in 2002. By "hamster wheel" I'm referring to working for someone else's company or institution, Monday-to-Friday, 9-5, and not enjoying … [Read more...]

Should I Blog On My Home Page?

home icon

When you first install WordPress you see a friendly "Hello World!" heading staring back at you. The default set up on WordPress is to show your latest 10 blog posts on your home page. But, is that really the best content to show on your home page? When a visitor arrives on your home page you have, on average, 3-5 seconds to show them what … [Read more...]

Build Your Brand – Dominate Google Results For Your Name

robert smith

I am very lucky. I am currently experiencing the universe in 2013 from a desk in London as “Rob Cubbon”. If, however, my surname was “Smith”, I wouldn’t be so lucky. In case you haven’t noticed, things are changing. We now live in a highly connected economy. 20 years ago, I may have made a few phone calls and written a few letters, thus connecting with maybe a … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Enlightenment


I am a blogger turned businessman. I never had a grand plan nor an entrepreneurial bent. I never made any money washing cars for my neighbours nor set up a lemonade stall outside my parents’ house. Who am I? I assumed, after leaving school, I would simply get a job just like everyone else (if the rock ‘n’ roll career didn’t take off – which it didn’t). And then a … [Read more...]

5 Website Essentials (You Probably Aren’t Doing Right)


A website is essential to a business in today's economy. OK, scrub that. A website is essential to everyone in today's economy. What are you going to do, whether you're 18 years old, 28, 38, or 48 years old and looking for a job? Are you going to be shuffling round town armed with a business card and a resumé? Well, good luck to you, if that's what you're … [Read more...]

Building a Successful Design Blog and Earning Passive Income


Interview with Steven Snell of Vandelay Design Blog Steven Snell is an inspiration to me and many other blogging designers who run businesses. Vandelay Design Blog, which he started with little design experience about 7 years ago, is now one of the best known design blogs and has an Alexa Rank of 6,000. The six thousandth most popular site in the world! He was born in … [Read more...]

Split Test a Web Page using Google Analytics

split test

Split testing or A/B testing just got a whole lot easier! The agony that was Google's Website Optimizer has been transformed into Google's Experiments and integrated into Google Analytics. Have a look at the video above to see how to split test a web page in less than five minutes. All you need is three pages In order to split … [Read more...]

Not Blogging? You Must Read This!


Blogging is without doubt the most effective marketing tool for a business. It is easy, cheap and powerful. And yet there is resistance to it. One of the major frustrations of the last few years has been my inability to persuade my clients to blog consistently. Here are the most common "excuses" against blogging and my answers to them. "I'm not comfortable with the … [Read more...]

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