Sierra boxes and amaray cases for CD and DVD packaging


Here (above) are three sierra boxes I did for a music creation software company. Also in this product range I did a DVD disc label, manual, jewel case and amaray case which are housed, obviously, in the sierra box. The sierra box was also printed with a spot UV or varnish … [Read more...]

How to turn a photo into an illustration


Remember Adobe Streamline? Adobe stopped upgrading its vector conversion application some time ago. But with the advent of CS2, Illustrator's old Trace Tool became the new super Live Trace and opened up a new world of possibilities! As soon as you place or paste a photo into … [Read more...]

What is an artworker?


Many people have asked me this question and, in the absence of a Wikipedia entry, here's my definition. The term pre-dates desktop publishing when "artwork" or "mechanical art" meant the material (photography, bromide, film, tranparency) or completed, camera-ready pages that … [Read more...]

Designing tables with a hanging bracket


It's the joyous season of the dreaded companies' annual report and accounts where artworkers and printers try to make money by producing horribly boring documents full of endless tables with horrendously dull titles like "Intangible Assets". But, do you know the trick of how … [Read more...]

Freelance graphic designers’ blogs


Here are my favourite three blogs of people who, like me, are graphic designers and write about it on the internet. Firstly, from Romania, I really like webee design blog. Webee has really helped me out with his tips and encouragement. Also a beautiful creative design blog by … [Read more...]

Working with large files in Photoshop

Preparing artwork for huge exhibition spaces or large point-of-sale displays in Photoshop can be a nightmare and can use up precious processing time on your computer. And this is even if you have a Dual 2 GHz G5 Mac with 3 GB of RAM! But there's no need to keep the high … [Read more...]

Why RGB colours look bad when converted to CMYK


RGB can be seen in the dark. CMYK can't. RGB shines out at you. CMYK inks absorb some colours and reflect others. Somebody wrote to me the other day whose website had lovely blue type on a black background. Fine. Unfortunately, the results when changed into CMYK and printed … [Read more...]

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